Memes. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. I honestly don’t even know how human beings managed to thrive before the development of memes, they seem so fundamental now that the mind fairly boggles to picture a world without them.

Fortunately for us, we don’t live in those dark ages, but rather in the enlightened era of memedom, with an embarrassment of meme riches ever in our grasp. Take, for instance, these:

10. A matter of perspective

Gotta take a deep dive to really parse this one out.

9. Kitty conundrums

They are powerful and mysterious and we must respect them.

8. Get it

I was not aware of this superstition but suddenly I’m itchy all over so thanks for that.

7. Killer convo

It’s my time to shine, in the creepiest possible way.

6. Lowering the bar

Actual reality is the most wild reality TV show imaginable.

5. Hog heaven

There’s something deeply sinister going on in the pig household.

4. Message received

This is accurate, right down to the fact that I am some kind of cat fairy.

3. In the genes

This is why everybody back then was “trippin’.”

2. Smooth criminal

Does anybody know how to burn a meme?

1. The walking dead

Please just leave me to die in peace.

Spare a thought today for those who came before, who had to muddle their way through existence without the benefit of memes. They were the true pioneers.

What’s your favorite kind of meme?

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