What type of person do you think you are?

Are you the type who likes to stick out in a crowd or the type that likes to blend into the background and doesn’t want to be in the spotlight?

I most certainly belong in the latter category, no doubt about that, my friends. I prefer to just be part of the scenery. I guess I don’t like a lot of eyes on me.

But these folks are gonna stick out in a crowd, whether they’re looking for it, or not.

Take a look for yourself!

1. Now, this I’m a big fan of!

More people need to dress like this. No doubt about it!

Spotted this gem on the Metro.
byu/grandecoconut20 inpics

2. You better watch your head!

You’re definitely gonna stick out over there.

[deleted by user]
by intall

3. This doesn’t look very safe.

Can we all agree on this…?

Family on a scooter
byu/MrBrianWeldon inmildlyinteresting

4. If anyone could pull it off, it would be him.

But where is Marty McFly…?

Einstein achieve Time Travel (Subway, Buenos Aires )
byu/Nhoty inpics

5. It’s not for everyone but it works for him.

He’s letting his freak flag fly.

Flamingo mustache I grew for Movember charity
byu/Burnsidious inpics

6. This kid is pretty terrifying.

Don’t let him around other children.

My Son has Real Vampire Teeth and his favorite food is Ketchup.
byu/Crazysteve209 inpics

7. She really found a gem with this guy.

The love of a lifetime!

Girlfriend asked for a romantic horse ride on the beach and a picture for her mom this was the result
byu/alkalineRock infunny

8. Hey, whatever works, right?

This is a new, bold fashion statement.

Pant leg cleverly repurposed as a hat
byu/Stkybk inpics

9. You don’t see this every day.

Rock on with yo bad self!

It took 3 cans of spray and a block of foam, but Man I’m Pretty.
byu/BeautifulBurd inpics

10. An interesting get-up.

I’d like to know his life story.

This guy I saw at a Starbucks with a badass outfit
byu/gladiathor1295 inmildlyinteresting

Now we want to hear from you.

Have you seen any hilarious or weird people out in public lately?

If so, please tell us about it in the comments. And share some pics, too!