Kids are adorable, but sometimes they can be tear-your-hair-out frustrating!

Every parent has those days where they are tried and tested, but through it all, you have to laugh (even when think you’re on your very last nerve) and share your experiences with other parents, who are probably going through the same thing you are.

Remember, your kids are just feeling their way around life, and there’s plenty they don’t know. The people below posted their daily adventures with their kids on social media because they know every parent needs a relatable laugh.

1. Cookies are great, too.

That kid is a master negotiator.

Photo credit: @SnarkyMommy78

2. He’s doing his best to be helpful.

Is that military time?

Photo credit: @dadmann_walking

3. It’s just not cool anymore.

Especially when dad gets involved.

Photo credit: @simoncholland

4. Where’s a free changing station when you need one?

A dads motto: “Always be prepared.”

Photo credit: @simoncholland

5. You know him, you love him.

Dads just know what to say, don’t they?

Photo credit: @thedad

6. It’s a paradox.

Also known as Schrödinger’s pencil.

Photo credit: @RodLacroix

7. Raising kids is scary stuff.

Even for pet parents.

Photo credit: @CatsVsHumanity

8.That’s a great idea—in theory.

Are you sure you’re a pediatrician?

Photo credit: @SnarkyMommy78

9. They’re a whole lotta clumsy.

And an awful lotta cute!

Photo credit: @thedad

10. Brothers from another mother.

Can’t we all stay this pure?

No one day with kids is ever boring! And, as any parent will tell you, even during the tough times, they wouldn’t change a single second.

If you can relate to any of the tweets above or have some great stories about raising kids yourself, make sure to share them in the comments below!