If you ever got a tattoo and realized shortly afterward that you weren’t happy with it – the design, the choice, the execution, what have you – you know the unique pain of having something less than ideal stamped on your body forever.

Luckily, there are tattoo artists out there who are amazingly talented and willing to help us fix our mistakes…and these 10 tattoo makeovers are so good, I bet the people who got them forget what the crappy one looked like to begin with.

1. This is a big wow.

Like, no one probably figured it would look that good.

2. Now it looks like what they imagined.

At least, I assume.

3. A key?

We don’t need no stinking key. A clock!

4. I guess she didn’t like that saying anymore.

Which is totally fair, and the flowers are lovely.

5. The first one looks like a kid drew it now.

No offense.

6. I like how it kind of looks like a cuff.

And obviously the image is classic.

7. One of these things is definitely cooler than the other.

I’m going to let you decide which is which.

8. I absolutely love the second one.

It’s so much more original.

9. Names are always risky.

Astronauts are forever.

10. The level of detail is astounding.

On the second one, at least.

I’m in awe of artists in general, but people who are brave enough to do it in permanent ink are next level.

Which one of these would you put on yourself today if you could? Let us know in the comments!