I’ve spent way too much time on Twitter today. Also I did that yesterday. And the day before that. Look, it’s been a weird year, let’s just say I’ve had more time than usual on my plate and that site has a way of sucking you in. Don’t judge me. There are so many tweets!

What keeps me coming back for more of course are the funny ones, some of which I’d like to pass onto you right now, so that you can share in my addiction and I feel a little less weird about it.

12. Personal problems

I may or may not have lied about this a lot.

11. Fully committed

This is a moment of either ardent determination or total despair.

10. Dad jokes are universal.

9. Might want to have that checked out.

8. They’ll get over it

7. Rise up

Who, me? Nah I’m doin’ great. Living the dream.

6. Stick together

If you’re feeling fried, well so am I.

5. Recovery periods

By 50 if you blink wrong you have to go to the hospital.


4. The cow says…

I was really anticipating some sort of Dr. Dolittle situation to arise at some point.

3. Not my type

Where no one will ever, EVER read them…

2. Sweetie pie

Just another lovely little slice of life story.

1. Captain Ravioli

I don’t know why I relate to this so hard but I do.

It’s a pleasant little diversion, Twitter. Just don’t go anywhere near politics while you’re visiting. Your head will explode.

Who are your favorite people to follow for Tweets?

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