Getting through the long winter months with a significant other can be…trying sometimes.

You’d agree with that sentiment, right?

Hey, hang in there, everything’s gonna be okay!

As soon as the snow melts…

And in the meantime, you can laugh at these funny tweets about living that married life!

1. Do I know you?

You look amazing!

2. You have to do it.

No way around it.

3. This is intense.

Those dogs are living the life!

4. No point in searching.

He won’t find it…

5. He’s secretly in love with it.

This happens all the time.

6. At least it’s a workout.

One more thing…

7. Did you say something?

He really pays attention, huh?

8. Better steer clear of her.

Just go get a hotel for the night.

9. Deeeep thoughts.

You just got inside a man’s brain.

10. It’s over.

Start packing your things.

11. You’ve turned into him.

Did you learn your lesson?

Okay, be straight with us…

How’s it going with your significant other lately?

Give us an update in the comments! Thanks!