I was thinking wistfully the other day about how it seems like there was a time in my life that was truly all fun and games, where I just enjoyed myself all the time and fritted away at amusements.

Then I realized I was thinking this while literally in the middle of a multi-hour video gaming session.

This sparked another thought: what’s the difference? I guess the difference is that when I’m playing games these days, there’s a little voice in the back of my head constantly reminding me about all the things I need to be worried about. I miss a time when the fun was just uninterrupted fun.

Let’s try to rediscover a bit of that today with these memes, shall we?

11. The stair crawl

I’m like a wild animal!

10. Pregnancy test

To date the most photorealistic effects work I’ve ever done.

9. The car games

It’s all good fun until somebody’s fingers get smashed.

8. The clip

Those eternal stairs were an absolute mindf**k.

7. Play that funky music

The toys every parent regrets getting.

6. Stick to it

It’s such a simple device and yet I’m pretty sure I never used it as intended.

5. The puppet squad

Absolute seconds of fun.

4. Follow the pipes

“If I watch the screensaver for long enough, maybe something magical will happen.”

3. Blown away

These kids are having a religious experience.

2. The cart

So exciting and yet so boring.

1. Don’t blow it

Nintendo has officially stated this doesn’t work.
Nintendo is officially full of crap.

Well, I’m feeling better already.

What are you most nostalgic for right now?

Tell us in the comments.