We’re almost into a brand new year and you know what that means: New Year’s Resolutions…that, a lot of times, don’t last very long if we’re being honest.

That’s why this list is so important. Instead of trying to overhaul your life in 2020, these are suggestions of things you should leave behind in 2019 so you can start fresh next year.

This list comes to you via Sarah Bricker of Thought Catalog.

1. Breakups, heartbreaks, etc.

Leave the negative memories of your love life in the past where they belong. Bring only the positive memories and lessons you learned.

2. Mistakes.

Forgive yourself — it’s time. Don’t let them overshadow your future.

3. The people who are superficial.

Meaningful friendships and relationships require substance. Leave the shallow and glittered-up airheads in the past; they’re a waste of time.


4. Bad habits

They keep your body from being its healthiest and strongest.

5. Other people’s criticism and judgment.

It’s your life, with your goals and your ideas– nobody else’s. So ignore them and live it.

6. Anything that is not evident of your authentic self.

Clothes, habits, behaviors. Toss them. Be you, 100% you, with everyone you meet. Own yourself. Those who don’t appreciate that shouldn’t be in your life anyway.

#7. Having everything figured out

When does it need to happen? By 30, by 40, at all?

Nobody has it figured out, so get used to that discomfort.

8. Being comfortable.

Nobody ever did anything great by doing the same thing over and over.


9. The idea that if it’s not easy, it’s not worth it.

Wrong. Grow up and embrace the reality that everything worth having is worth the hard work. Nothing remains in the “honeymoon” stage forever – not your job, not your romance, nothing.


10. The idea that you don’t need to work hard, that if something is “meant to be” it’ll all work out okay.

Wrong. Nothing should be miserably hard to work at forever, but everything requires effort. Stop believing fate and karma decide the day and recognize your failings so you can grow up and be better.


11. The idea that life should look and feel a certain way.

It’s a messy kaleidoscope of a million different colors and emotions, and you choose the ones you see and experience. Live your life for you, how you want, and in the way you feel is right. No one choice makes sense to everyone — no one job, no one style of romance, no one notion of success. What brings you happiness may bring someone else nothing but boredom, so live your life for you every damn day and own it.

What are you trying to leave behind in 2019? Share with us in the comments!