I used to roll my eyes after older people would complain about how hard simple tasks were. Even though we’re only in our 30s, my peers and I now relate to what they were talking about.

Here are 11 hilarious memes you’ll understand if you’re over 30 tired, and struggling to adult.

1. Hello Pain

I remember when I only needed painkillers for playground injuries. (Sigh) Now everything hurts for no reason.

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2. Major fridge jealousy

I break out into a sweat when I imagine winning an oven with convection cooking. The possibilities!

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3. Oh, kids

I’m not insulted, just saddened. Fortunately, my 30s aren’t quite this hard, but close.

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4. They’re useful, ok?

I should be an affiliate marketer for anything that fries, bakes or roasts food.

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5. Simple pleasures

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I can use my last scrape of energy to play Candy Crush instead of cook = win.

6. So many questions

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I don’t recall hating dust with the fire of a thousand suns until now, but alas. Here we are. Oh well.

7. Delicious and practical

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Don’t judge me. I find chilli super romantic now. Maybe because it’s red?

8. My hero

His name is Steve and we make delicious dishes that keep my children alive, so shut it.

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9. Midnight BLT

Who am I kidding, even eating a sandwich at 10:30 pm makes me feel like a gangster.

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10. Another chore

Like I would throw away money. Pfft. Those things are expensive! Waste not, want not.

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11. Tired and distracted

Before you ask, the lack of heat and steam didn’t tip me off because I was distracted, thinking about nachos and the meaning of life.

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What changed in your life when you reached your 30s?

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