Kids seem to say the darndest things, don’t they?

And, on top of that, they can be total weirdos!

You know that’s the truth!

But I guess that’s part of the fun of being a parent: you never know what they’re gonna do or say!

And a Twitter page called Kiddos Being Weirdos captures these bizarre children in all their glory.

Let’s take a look!

1. They’re bad for you!

Trust your parents on this one.

2. Creepy kid.

No doubt about that.

3. Is Mom gonna help?

Or just let her get stuck there?

4. A good look.

Different, but good…

5. Join us!

Get a drink!

6. This kid is wild!

I wonder if he got into trouble…

7. Son…no…

I guess he was confused.

8. How’d that happen?

This is now you’re home.

9. That’s interesting.

You don’t see that every day!

10. A good reason to be upset.

Kids, I tell ya…

11. Just being an idiot.

I like this look!

What weird things have your kids done lately?

Give us an update in the comments.

And share some pics, too!

Thanks a lot!