Don’t you just love it when things are RIGHT ON THE MONEY?

I know I do, ladies and germs!

And these tweets are great examples of exactly what I’m talking about.

Are you ready to laugh and have a good time?

Let’s get it started right now!

1. I like it!

Feel free to use that.

2. It’s gonna be a long day.

Good luck to you…

3. Uh oh…

She’s a handful.

4. Now they’re tormented for life.

Good job!

5. You’re never sleeping again.

Just a little FYI.

6. You’re gonna need them.

No doubt about it!

7. You have two?

That’s a new one!

8. This is gonna be brutal.

We wish you luck!

9. Okay, got it.

Whatever you say…

10. How can you explain this to her?

You might just have to move.

11. She knows what she’s doing.

Smart kid.

Have you seen any funny tweets lately?

If so, please share them with us!

Do it in the comments!