Listen, we don’t want you to get hurt or anything, but we’re giving you fair warning that these hilarious tweets are most likely going to result in you falling out of your chair…

Because you’re going to be laughing so hard!

So put on some extra clothes and maybe consider investing in a helmet…

Is it worth the risk?

We think so!

So check these tweets out and get ready to laugh your a**es off!

1. I’m not sure that was the plan for tonight…

This is gonna get ugly…

2. Now, was that really necessary?

Over the top rudeness!

3. Grandma has still got it!

There’s some things that she’ll never forget.


4. Spoken like a true New Yorker.

Now, tell us all about what trains you take to get to work.

5. Busting out that one again, huh?

How many times do you say this a week…?

6. Are you as funny as her, though?

Let’s see what you got!

7. That’s exactly what happened.

The world works in mysterious ways…

8. That’s when s**t gets real.

Home for the holidays can always go off the rails.

9. This person is about to be shocked in a major way.

Try that again and look very closely.

10. I think you might be right…

I mean, have you actually tried an IPA? Come on!

11. Well, I think I might have an idea about what’s going on here…

Just a hunch…let’s look at the evidence.


Now it’s your turn!

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