Alright, who wants to get weird?!?!

I thought you’d probably be into that idea!

Well, you’re in the right place, because the photos you’re about to see are just plain WEIRD.

Let’s see what exactly is going on here…

1. Hitchin’ a ride.

Whatever works.

2. Couldn’t make it all the way up.

All tuckered out!

3. Enjoy your meal!

Looks very cozy!

4. This is disturbing.

I’m scared…

5. Half man, half beast.

They’re taking over!

6. No one wants to encounter this.

It’s just plain horrifying.

7. Nice place for a nap.

Even though you can’t eat your dinner anymore.

8. Didn’t need to see this.

And neither did you…

9. A lot going on here.

That kid could care less.

10. This is gonna get ugly.

Hang on tight!

11. I wonder what the gray cat did…

This doesn’t look good.

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Thanks a bunch!