Anyone whose owned a pet knows that there are just some things our fur friends are going to do, whether we like it or not.

Sure, we’ve all lost a torn up shoe or a well-worn rug, but we can’t stay mad. Animals are going to what they do, and the best thing we can do is forgive for them for it.

Oh, and take plenty of fun pictures to share on social media.

1. Thinking of reading that book?

You won’t be able see it past his blinding white teef. But you can certainly try!

Photo credit: Reddit

2. Don’t dismiss this duck’s demands.

It won’t end well.

Photo credit: Reddit

3. Better than T.G.I. Friday’s!

Every cat thinks so.

Photo credit: Reddit

4. Everybody is a star.

Leaving paw prints for posterity.

Photo credit: Reddit

5. What are you knitting?

We’re sitting on pins and needles.

Photo credit: Reddit

6. Cute like birb.

But tastes like chicken.

Photo credit: Reddit

7. A comfy human headrest.

For furry couch potatoes.

Photo credit: Reddit

8. If it fits, it sits.

Pizza be damned.

Photo credit: Reddit

9. “Goating” each other on.

Which kid will get to the top first?

Photo credit: Reddit

10. It’s obvious who wears the pants in the family.

And it’s not grandma.

Photo credit: Reddit

11. Looks like those cables weren’t so hidden after all.

He ate the whole World Wide Web?

Photo credit: Reddit

12. Letting the cat treats out of the bag.

Does this collar make him look fat?

Photo credit: Reddit

These animals have certainly been up to no good, but it’s hard to stay cross. Besides, they look adorable no matter what they do. Do you have a pet that won’t take no for an answer? Let us know in the comments below!