Do the things you’re about to see REALLY need to exist?

Hey, I don’t want to knock anyone for expressing themselves creatively, but these DIY projects are just…weird.

And we think you’ll be left scratching your head at each and every one of these 12 do-it-yourself creations.

Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Do you think his uncle appreciated this?

It’s a really nice tribute, don’t you think?

2. That is really not a good look.

But let’s give this person an A for effort.

3. Some lucky kid is gonna be very happy about this!

Or maybe they’ll be scarred for life…

4. This actually looks kind of fun.

And also pretty dangerous. Don’t you think?

5. Strange and mildly disturbing.

Especially because you have to put your mouth on it.

6. This looks very comfortable, don’t you think?

It’ll keep you warm in the winter!

7. Not the worst idea I’ve ever seen.

But still kind of strange…

8. Must be kind of heavy to carry around all day.

But I commend you for your ingenuity!

9. Better be careful on those things.

This looks like a terrible idea.

10. This is gonna make things worse for him.

Better be careful with that thing!

11. Please don’t try to eat that.

Also, who came up with this idea?

12. I love that new driver’s seat!

You really knocked it out of the park!

Well, those sure are weird…

Now we want to hear from you.

Share some more odd DIY projects with us in the comments. Thanks!