Don’t you just love it when a dude calls himself an “Alpha Male”?

The statement above was sarcasm, by the way…I just wanted to be clear about that…

Anyway, let’s hear what AskReddit users really think when someone refers to himself by this moniker.


1. This won’t be fun.

“That he doesn’t understand social dynamics and probably isn’t going to be fun to talk to.”

2. Doesn’t sound good.

“He’s already gone down a rabbit hole of lies told to him by people just trying to make money off of them.

You just can’t learn how to talk to women on YouTube.”

3. Angry man.

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen someone who refers to themselves as an “alpha”, who doesn’t seem perpetually angry at life and feels the need to put other people down in order to elevate themselves.”

4. Weeded out.

“Thanks for weeding yourself out.

They lack the self awareness I want for people in my life.”

5. D-bag.

“He’s literally telling you that your worth as a man and human is less than him, and to not be offended about it.

Forget that d**chebag.”

6. See you later.

“First, a snort of disbelief.

Chuckle of full understanding.

Cackle of glee as they feel the mockery.

Then, bye bye.”

7. Good Lord.

“I asked a 44 year old man what he was cooking for our second date.

His reply was he doesn’t cook or clean cause he is a “alpha male”.

Imagine if being incompetent was part of your identity, and that you are proud of it.”

8. How to do it.

“Oh my, what an idiot.

Oh my, his poor mom.

Please go away.”

9. Probably.

“He’s probably an a**hole who thinks he’s better than non-“alpha males” and who is so insecure that he is offended by anything that might threaten him being in control and having power.”

10. Red flags.

“It’s so nice of them to declare their own red flags so early in the conversation.

Was talking with a seemingly nice dude at a get together and he casually drops that he’s been studying alpha mentality for awhile and can pick out who’s an alpha and who’s a beta/sigma/kappa or whatever the f**k in a heartbeat.

Let’s me know I’m a beta and not to be offended by it. I politely noped out of that conversation.”

11. Psycho.

“I knew this one guy that had major issues but he just flat out was a lunatic. Always playing the “alpha male” s**t. I was looking for new friends at the time and I should have noticed the red flags sooner.

My most memorable toxic and abusive interaction with him went like this:

Him: You trying to steal my girlfriend?

Me: No? Why would you think that?

Him: Are you saying you don’t find my girlfriend beautiful?

Me:(finally aware of the mind games he was playing) No she’s just not my type.

Him: So you’re saying she’s not beautiful?

Me: Nope, just not my type.

This is how almost every other conversation would go with him after the “nice” mask was completely off. Always trying to manipulate the other person so he could start an argument out of nothing.

After not seeing him for three years I ran into him at a birthday party literally last month. We shook hands and said hi but after that I went off to talk to other people. Every time I’d walk by or around this guy he’d just be f**king GLARING at me. I ignored him and went about the party, but the guy is crazy for sure.”

12. This is ridiculous.

“I know a guy who proclaims to everyone around him that he’s an alpha male that, when talking about the pros and cons of owning horses one day, said that he would never buy a male horse because his d**k is supposedly the biggest his wife has ever seen.

He implied that he didn’t want her to see the size of the horse’s equipment and either think he was inferior or choose the horse’s dong over his. Imagine being so insecure that you think your wife could even possibly consider banging a horse over you.”

What do you think when you hear “Alpha Male”?

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Thanks a lot!