Here’s how I felt about going to school: I liked the social aspect of it and I liked my History and English classes, but I pretty much hated everything else.

I hated getting up super early, I hated all the rules, and I especially hated MATH.

As you can tell, I’m clearly still not over the Math thing…

What did you hate the most about school?

Here’s what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Gave up.

“I hate that there was no way to modify the curriculum based on the talents or struggles of individual students.

In the 7th grade, I was asking university level questions and reading at a university level.

At the same time, I struggled with math. I still struggle with math so that was never addressed. I gave up on school before I made it to university. Pretty sad.”

2. Needs to be a new way.

“This is mostly directed at language classes (Spanish mostly) in the U.S. STOP TEACHING LANGUAGES LIKE MATH. It’s a language. It is not math.

Stop teaching verb tenses like have this plus this equals using this tense. That’s not how it works.”

3. Standardized tests.

“That the schools are driven by standardized test.

While testing and data is important to understand and adjust learning, it dominates too much. There is way too much emphasis and stress over test and school percentages.

Teach critical thinking and quality/needed information and not just test taking skills.”

4. That’s too bad.

“The systemic discrimination I faced from teachers and classmates for being a Muslim and a middle class human in an expensive high-flying private school. My parents paid more to make us feel poor.

Still struggle with self-esteem issues, despite multiple scholarships, law degrees and high flying job.”

5. Not a good time.

“Among other things, the horrible uniform.

Itchy trousers, grey shirt and grey jumper no doubt designed by Tomas de Toquemada.

And Mr D who taught computer science. What a b*stard.”

6. Let me out of here!

“”The bell doesn’t dismiss you I do.”

This could not be further from the truth as let’s say 1st period starts at 7:50 so you have to be in class when the bell rings at 7:50 otherwise you’re tarty.

And 1st period ends at 8:35 and you have 3 minutes to get to 2nd period which starts at 8:38. Well when the teacher decides the bell doesn’t dismiss you I do and decides to keep you an extra 3 minutes you’re late to your next class.”

7. Not cool.

“Working with other people on projects.

We as a group got a bad grade, my parents didn’t take it out on them: it was 100% my fault.”

8. Seems kinda dumb.

“How you’re expected to make major life changing decisions but still need to ask for permission to use the bathroom.”

9. Pretty much all of it.

“Waking up, too much homework, insane expectations and a pressure from everyone to be the best person ever while maintaining happy face.”

10. Bullying.

“The fact they claimed to be no tolerance against bullying. Was bullied everyday from the age of 8 to 16. No matter how many times I told someone the only responses I got were

“Just ignore them”

“Don’t react and they’ll get bored”

“Have you tried making friends with them?”

And my all time favourite….

“Maybe they have a crush on you??”

At 26 I haven’t recovered the confidence, the self-esteem, the happiness, the person that I could have been if the school had just helped.”

11. Not feeling it.

“The teachers who clearly hated their job but was just there for the paycheck and weekends off.

It’s not my fault you wanted to be a nurse and couldn’t get the grades so you settled on being a 6th grade English teacher.”

12. Not necessary.

“Page/word-count minimums on essays.

It teaches EXACTLY the opposite what’s needed in the real world.

In any sort of professional capacity, your emails/documentation/etc should be concise, while essays teach us how to repeat ourselves without seeming to, and how to generally be as verbose as possible.”

Okay, you know the drill…

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