I really wish I was better at decorating and building things but, alas, I just wasn’t blessed with those genes for some reason…

But the folks behind the cozy spaces you’re about to lay your eyes on?


They are good!

No, actually they are GREAT!

Check out the projects they pulled off and see if they inspire you to get moving in your own home.

1. This looks great!

And it looks nice and cozy!

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. Can you believe that this is a school bus?!?!

This is so amazing!

Photo Credit: Reddit

3. This looks like quite a party!

Is there a seat at the table for me?

Photo Credit: Reddit

4. Looks like a painting.

I think the dog is enjoying the view, too.

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. I’d like this permanently in my living room.

I need to make this happen!

Photo Credit: Reddit

6. Nice and bright in there!

That couch looks like a good place to take a snooze.

Photo Credit: Reddit

7. You got pretty creative with the space!

We tip our hats to you!

Photo Credit: Reddit

8. This is pretty much my dream home.

Look at how awesome this place is!

Photo Credit: Reddit

9. A house on the high seas.

What do you think of this one?

Photo Credit: Reddit

10. How does staying in here all day sound?

Sounds good to me!

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Sunken rooms are the coolest!

You feel like you’re on a spaceship…or something…

Photo Credit: Reddit

12. The secret garden.

How nice is this?!?!

Photo Credit: Reddit

Have you completed any home improvement projects lately?

If so, show us some photos in the comments.

We’d love to see what you’ve been up to!