It’s time to play God, my friends.

Don’t act like you’ve never thought about it before!

I can see right through you…

So let’s get real and hear what AskReddit users said they’d do if they could be God for an hour.

Check it out!

1. Uh oh…

“Give politicians the Liar, Liar treatment until the end of the year.

Love to see how this plays out worldwide.”

2. I’m on board with this.

“Make all pets live as long as their accepted owner.

Because if you d** before your pet they’ll feel lonely for the rest of their time.”

3. This is great.

“I would make it so all food was as healthy for you as vegetables, while keeping its respective taste.”

4. Good one!

“Implement karma.

Helped someone cross the street? You get all the green lights on your way home bro.

Cut in line? Sorry, they ran out of that thing you wanted.”

5. Only two commandments.

“1st commandment: thou shalt not be a d**k.

2nd commandment: thou shalt mind thine own business.”

6. Should be interesting.

“Gonna try to fix so many broken peoples’ lives up.

Also absolutely ruin a few peoples lives who delight in the suffering of others.”

7. Heartfelt.

“Get rid of my sons autism so I can hear him actually talk and speak, even if its only for one hour.

I just wanna know what his little voice sounds like and what he would have to say. I wanna hear him say “I love you mom”.

Tell me how he’s feeling and what his favorite color is.”

8. Not bad.

“I would build a Dyson sphere with an optimal human habitat and open gates to it all over the world.

It would have the room and resources for everyone to live like a billionaire.

There would also be medical facilities that would make people healthy and basically immortal.”

9. What a world.

“Dial up empathy to 100 for everyone.

Add in critical thinking and intelligence in there too, so the world should be peaceful.”

10. Quite an experiment.

“Would make humans as beautiful or ugly as their personality.

A lot of beautiful people would become ugly and vice versa.”

11. Yes!

“Populate the universe with more hospitable planets, life, and make interstellar travel more accessible.”

12. Put out the fires.

“Make it impossible for anyone holding office, running for office or journalists to intentionally lie to the people unless it’s a legitimate matter of national security.

Then I’d sit back and put out as many fires as I could for the next 59 minutes.”

What would you do if you were God for an hour?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks a lot!