Hey, you!

In the mood to experience some really cringeworthy posts?

The kind of cringeworthy posts that will make you hang your head with embarrassment and then make you look to the heavens to ask what’s wrong with your fellow human beings?

Well then, you’re in the right place!

Enjoy these posts are prepare to FEEL the embarrassment deep in your bones.

1. Please stop messaging me.

Well, this didn’t work out as expected.

Love you baby from cringepics

2. This is not the time or the place.

I wonder if this tactic ever works…

Bet you’re still smokin’ hot while you grieve the loss of your best friend! from cringepics

3. I’m pretty sure she’s gonna call the cops.

Nice effort, though.

How to break the ice with the girl in lecture from cringepics

4. Let’s get this all out in the open.

Why do people do things like this for everyone to see? Mind-blowing…

She wants a baby. He doesn’t. They argue about it on Facebook. from cringepics

5. I don’t want to brag, but…

This person seems pretty humble.

One of "those guys" from cringepics

6. Anything for some likes, right?

I wonder if she feels bad about this? Even a little bit?

Tiktoker "Jayne Rivera" poses in front of her father’s body+casket for instagram likes from HolUp

7. Laying it all out there for everyone to see.

Some things should just be kept private, in my humble opinion.

33 year old virgin from cringepics

8. Okay, who’s ready to get naked?

Did anyone take you up on it? We have to know!

I regret befriending some people from FacebookCringe

9. Looking for some advice.

This is totally appropriate to post online.

Celebrating your intestinal discomfort with cake! from oldpeoplefacebook

10. I love this photo.

Couldn’t you have put yourself in the ocean or something?

Jesus if you’re out there please delete this from FacebookCringe

11. This is gonna make you cringe.

Read the fine print very carefully…

Creeper from back in high school makes a move on Facebook from cringepics

12. This is totally something to brag about.

Congratulations? Or something like that…?

On your fifth OD you get a free puppy from cringepics

What social media posts have you seen lately that made you cringe?

Or laugh?

Share some links with us in the comments! We look forward to it!