My family had two different cats when I was growing up, and while I don’t love cleaning the litter box, I love the way they purr. Life isn’t really suitable for a cat at the moment, but lately, I find myself wishing I had one. They’re so soft, standoffish, and adorable.

Our neighbor’s cat comes to visit us sometimes. He used to do his business in a planter in our garden. When we had to get rid of the planter (aka his toilet), he waited on the front porch for us to come home from work, just so he could give us the evil eye. I want to adopt him.

Cats are incredible.

And here are 12 posts to remind you exactly why people become cat people.

1. Perfect impression of a Halloween cat

My cat did that once, but he was standing on my mother’s head at the time.

It is Earthquake’s birthday today!
byu/PENVermillion inaww

2. Halloween cat lying down

The many poses of Halloween cat.

That’s s how he welcomes me every day when I get back from work
byu/alexander__fm inaww

3. Here for the snuggles

Reservations required.

I grew up with pets, my boyfriend did not. I wanted a kitten, my boyfriend did not. We compromised and got a kitten. This is them her first night home.
by inaww

4. Good kitty knows she did good

All the skritches. STAT.

My Cat is a very proud mom.
byu/_Olive_Oils_ inaww

5. Are Tim and Molly making the same face rn?

Also, poor Tim. Next year put his face on the cat’s cake.

My husband and cat share a birthday week
byu/HelpfulPhotograph185 inaww

6. Always look out for your small friends

One day they might be bigger than you.

This cat from my neighborhood always protects his little dog friend and I thought this picture can brighten up someone’s day:)
byu/natisan5 inaww

7. Who doesn’t love a dose of kitty toes?

Literally who? I’ll fight them.

Beans beans they’re good for your ❤
byu/edogg01 incatpictures

8. Perfect kitty is perfect

I want to take it home with me.

When a cat is more photogenic than all of us…
byu/trwwy321 inaww

9. I didn’t even know cats could get that old

Look at his perfect little glass of rosé!

Our boy is getting older, today he’s 23
byu/SinglePanic inaww

10. Now that is a perch fit for the king of the jungle

Look how regally he sits atop his throne!

King of the garden
byu/mzrpicless incatpictures

11. When it’s time for cuddles

Cause sometimes you just need a hug.
(LOOK at his little outfit!)

Cat hugs her human in middle of her work.
byu/CAP_X inaww

12. Cat celebrities!

That’s what I’m talking about.
They know who’s in charge.

Hiski and Sämpy. They are cat celebrities of sorts in Finland
byu/huyh7tg6f6 inaww

I love them all so much. Cats have such personality and attitude. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!