It can be hard to imagine the experience of commuting on a train or subway to and from work absolutely every single day if you don’t have to do it.

It’s an experience that’s easy to love and to hate, often during the same ride. That said, say what you will but sometimes those days when you hate it are the ones when you end up with the best stories to tell.

Like these 15 people, who saw things on their commute that they’re never going to forget.

1. I have so many questions.

They will likely never be answered, like so many mysteries of the universe.

That’s a weird pet
by inWTF

2. There’s being a fan, and then there’s…

Well, then there’s this level of commitment.

byu/zhenxing inSubwayCreatures

3. Do you think she does it on purpose?

Or it’s just some kind of happy accident…?

I found her! She is alive!

4. If a rabbit’s foot is lucky…

The whole rabbit must be even better, yeah?

I’m feeling lucky 🍀
byu/ibsanv inSubwayCreatures

5. Happy Christmas everyone.

He’s really committed to the look with the jewelry and everything.

Image Credit: Demilked

6. This might be a little weird.

But let’s face it, most of us are just really jealous.

Cat Scarf 😺
byu/Georgefayiz infunny


7. The kitten has to eat.

Like all babies, they definitely can’t wait.

found this on facebook of a guy feeds a kitten in the subway ❤️❤️
by incats

8. That seems…itchy.

Among other things.

Taking Christmas to a whole new level!

9. This is more of the energy we need in this world.

On the subway and beyond.

This man was sketching people on the subway and telling them that they are beautiful
byu/daaaabear inHumansBeingBros

10. Yes, that’s a fox.

And I desperately want to pet it.

Just a fox
byu/IosifMarianna inpics

11. We’ve all got our kinks.

And we’re not here to shame.


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12. Just an emotional support peacock.

Literally no one is giving it a second glance.

A guy brought his peacock onto the NYC subway and no one even looked up from their phones
byu/BookerDeWittsCarbine inpics

13. Well, masks have become a fashion statement.

I’m just not sure what this one is supposed to be saying.


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This makes me oddly excited for my next subway ride.

If you’re a regular train-rider, let us know the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on a commute in the comments!