I was having some drinks at a bar not too long ago when a girl asked me what my favorite Phish song was.

My reply: “I’ve never heard a Phish song before.”

Her mind was blown, she thought I was lying, and she wouldn’t let it go for quite some time.

What can I say, I’ve never heard them before. Sorry!

AskReddit users talked about what they’ve never done before.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Good job.

“Never cheated on someone, even though I’ve had chances.

I just couldn’t live with myself if I did that.

I still get flashbacks from the times I hurt my first gf in high school, so I can’t even imagine how disgusted I’d be with myself if I was an actual cheater.”

2. Gettin’ wild!

“Skydiving/Hike a mountain.

I’d love to try it but I’m d**thly afraid of heights.

I’ll do it some day for sure but if I do skydive, I better be listening to a d**n good soundtrack while doing it.”

3. Don’t do it.

“As a male in his mid 20’s – never s**ked a c**arette.

Both my parents were hardcore s**kers, hearing that cough everyday literally made me avoid c**arettes like the plague in high school.

I want to be able to run with my kids and play, a luxury I missed out on a lot with my Mom and Dad.”

4. Gotta have a balance.

“Kissed a girl in a romantic way.

I’ve never had a girlfriend, nor have I ever been on a date.

Life was/is always studying to maintain honors program or working out.”

5. No hitting the links for you.

“No golf!

Not even once!

Never even touched a club!”

6. It’s on my bucket list.

“I am from California and I have never surfed.

It k**ls me a little bit inside…”

7. I need more info about this person.

“Been in/on a Limo, Taxi, subway, train, bus (other than school) or ship.

Been west of the Mississippi River, been to another country, or been to NYC.

Ate tomatoes or onions.

Been in a building more that 4 stories high.”

8. Hmmm…

“There are a lot of things I have not done (and I am 49 years old).

Never went to a sporting event, never went to a play (except one high school play), never jumped on a trampoline,never been to a concert, the list goes on and on.

Mostly because I have no interest in it.”

9. Not a wild child.

“Had a one night stand, kissed a stranger at a bar, and several things along the same lines.”

10. I’d go to IKEA if I were you.

“Been to IKEA, watched Game of Thrones or the Kardashians and any other reality show of that kind.

I am a better person for it.”

11. Live a little.

“Eaten whatever and however much I want, without thinking about the calories/what people nearby will think/how much weight I’ll gain from this one meal.

Even as a small child I’ve had these intrusive thoughts at every single meal.”

12. Dabbin’.

“I’ve never dabbed for any reason other than monetary.

The single time I dabbed in middle school while it was a trend was when I overheard a kid at parent-pickup say jokingly to his friend “I will give this dollar to anyone who dabs.”

I made a grunt sound as I did it and said “Pay up,” which he did. He then called a friend and told them what happened and it was a good laugh.”

13. Interesting.

“Gambled. Had a loan or any kind of credit purchase.

Driven a car. Flown in a plane.

Eaten at a chain restaurant. Bought from Amazon.”

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