Have you ever met anyone who bites their TOENAILS?

I have and it was absolutely revolting.

Just thinking about it might make me sick…

What do you think are the most disgusting habits?

Check out how AskReddit users responded.

1. Keep it closed!

“Chewing with you mouth open.

People should not have to listen to you eat.”

2. Nasty stuff.

“Public urination, especially in areas you know it will not drain away or get washed by rain.

F**k all the people who p**s in covered parking garages, elevators, subway platforms, etc.”

3. Ugh.

“Dipping (chewing tobacco).

Especially when you’re walking around spitting into a clear plastic bottle.”

4. Drives me nuts.

“Blasting music from your phone in public areas, always seems to be terrible mumble rap.

Would you like it if I blasted metal everywhere? Thats why they make headphones.”

5. Absolutely disgusting.

“Eating nails.

All the stuff that ends up under there… and some people eat their f**king toenails too…”

6. Do you mind?

“Using the bathroom at work and not washing your hands, then touching every surface of the shared fridge and table area where everyone else eats.”

7. Please don’t do that.

“For me its burping.

Not an occasional burp, but if someone burps really disgustingly all the time its…disgusting to me.”

8. Are we done yet?

“Scratching/adjusting yourself.

I knew a guy in grad school that was always adjusting his junk.

To the point where after grad school potential employers didn’t consider him because of it.”

9. Great example!

“S**king in front of your children. I’ve seen people holding their toddlers in one arm and s**king a c**arette with the other.

If you have to s**ke, don’t expose your children to it. That’s s**tty parenting.”

10. Just being honest.

“I pee in bottles so I don’t have to leave my bed for the bathroom at night.

And I don’t know how to stop it.”

11. Dad!

“Blowing your nose at the dinner table and/or in the presence of other people eating.

My father will loudly blow his nose while people are trying to eat dinner. It makes me want to throw up.

Go to the bathroom.”

12. Take it outside.

“People cutting their finger nails at work.

Like WTF.

Do that s**t in the privacy of your own home.”


“People who use those little floss toothpicks in public.

They belong in the bathroom.

Even worse when people get a big chunk of chewed food on the floss and then eat it.”

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