Do you want to know what makes me uncomfortable?


I’m talking about clubs where electronic music is blasting and it’s packed and drinks cost $20.

No thank you!

But that’s just me…

What normal things make you uncomfortable?

Check out how folks on AskReddit answered this question.

1. I’m freakin’ out!

“Giving and receiving gifts.

Christmas gives me so much anxiety.”

2. A terrible experience.

“Hearing myself on a video, recording etc.

I sound … like that??? Literally cringe.”

3. I’m sorry, but no…

“Feeling a pregnant woman’s belly when the baby is kicking.

Please don’t ask, I don’t want to do it.”

4. Don’t answer it!

“I absolutely loathe when there’s a knock at the door.

It’s like the phone ringing but 20x worse.”

5. Having a good time?


I always want to curl up and disappear at weddings, because their main qualities – celebrating, dancing, drinking, dressing nicely – are all either heightened emotional states that I don’t usually get to or activities that I don’t do.

I get incredibly self-conscious, feeling like everyone can tell that I don’t fit in – which is absurd, because the focus is on the couple and not me at all – and find myself waiting for the earliest moment that it feels acceptable to leave.”

6. Don’t come near me?

“People staring at me and physical touch.

I h**e hugs and I don’t want anyone to get close to me.”

7. Schmoozing.


I always feel uncomfortable and sleazy for putting on a fake demeanor to impress future job contacts.

It’s almost an absolute requirement in my field to network for your next position, but it feels like a slimy social test or popularity contest.

Let my work speak for itself and let’s just have a normal conversation about it.”

8. Can we please sit down?

“When I’m in a group talking and standing.

I want to sit, but I do t want to be the first person to sit.”

9. Not a foot fan.

“When people put their feet near me, even with socks on.

Dunno why but it puts me on edge. I blame having siblings who’d just put their feet in my face to get on my nerves and they were always dirty.”

10. Pretty gross.

“The changing room floors at a swimming pool.

I can’t have my dry feet touching other peoples wet, it really freaks me out!”

11. Top secret.

“Talking on the phone when there’s people around.

I feel like they’re listening in. So my responses will be short.”

12. Always a little bit awkward.

“Getting to an intersection (as a pedestrian) at the exact same time as a car.

I usually pause for a second, then I realize I have the right of way, start to cross, and as soon as I do the car nudges before breaking, then I pause, wonder if I should cross, start to cross again, the car nudges…

There are times when I see a car coming to the intersection at the same time as me, so I literally turn the opposite direction and walk until the car goes through, then I go back to the intersection. Total avoidance of conflict or confrontation.”

13. Gee, thanks.

“Unsolicited advice.

Yes…I’m stupid, I totally didn’t consider that extremely obvious solution to a problem I did not ask you for advice about.”

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