A few years ago my husband and I were at a wedding, when we found out that a friend was working for a big international company.

The friend complained that working at such a huge company that everyone’s heard of means that everyone always asks if you know someone they know who works there, and you never do.

“Do you know Alan?” my husband asked.

“Yeah, okay, actually I do,” the friend said.

What were the odds?

Well recently, actor Michael Redmond of Father Ted fame had a similar encounter that sparked a wild Twitter thread on the subject.

The responses, which delighted Michael, were fascinating!

There were so many stories like this one, that prove the song “It’s a Small World” wasn’t just blowing smoke.

It’s amazing how often people assume you know the one person they know in your state, country, or region.

We all roll our eyes, but then my gosh, they number of times they do!

Or like those pictures where someone was in the background of someone else’s photograph years before they got married, people realize that they have a connection with strangers.

Or they actually met in the weirdest circumstances decades ago and remember each other!

Or they knew you before you could even possibly have known them!

The number of people who met family they didn’t even know was pretty astounding.

It’s always a bit unsettling when you run into someone far from home and completely unexpectedly and out of context.

But like, how does that even happen?

Not too many ended with the people ignoring each other though.

In this case, you have to wonder if the other person even recognized him at all.

If it were me, I’d be second-guessing that I had ID’d him wrong, but David seems pretty sure.

I totally get these kinds of things happening when you’re in or from a small town where everyone knows everyone:

Or, I guess, when you’re Welsh:

But when you’re in a big city or somewhere exotic and far from home, it’s really kind of mind blowing.

Especially a city as big as Toronto, with nothing but another big city accent to go on!

You have to wonder how many WRONG people they asked before they got one right.

I’m a fan of coincidence, but if some of these were in movies, people would say they weren’t realistic.

They sure are a lot of fun though. What’s your favorite story like this? Tell us in the comments!