Have you ever been the bad guy (or girl) in a real-life experience, but no one took the time to hear your side of it?

I hate that! It’s unfair and everyone deserves to have their voice heard, right?

Here are some tales about people who realized they were “the bad person” in someone else’s story…and they want to tell their side…

AskReddit users sounded off about their personal stories.

1. The lost card.

“When I was in first grade my best friend came over to my house to play, and while there she lost her golden Charizard card. We looked for it, but still hasn’t found it by the time she had to go home. I kept looking, but it was just gone.

My mom made me put away all the toys we’d played with, and when everything was clean there was still no golden Charizard.

The next day at school she asked me for it, and I was like “it’s so weird, I never found it!”

Obviously, she didn’t believe me. I actually didn’t realize why, because I was six and was telling the truth, but it must’ve looked like I’d stolen it. So then she hated my guts and was mean to me forever, with periodic check ins where she’s ask me for the card and I’d just be like “no, seriously; I do not have your card!”

Eventually, her family was going to move away, and her father brought her to my door to ask me, one last time, to do the right thing and give her the card back. This did not make me magically have the card.

He stood on my doorstep and did the whole “disappointed adult” thing, and I still did not have the card. He asked to speak to my parents, who then grilled me about it, and I still, predictably, did not have the card.

Then we moved, and the entire house was packed, and we still did not find the card. My theories are either that it fell between some floor boards or something, or that it somehow got from her pocket into the lining of her coat.”

2. Not the result you wanted.

“Once my wife and I were waiting at an intersection, and there was a panhandler sitting on an overturned bucket holding a sign asking for change. I had a dollar and some change in my pocket, so I gave it to my wife and said “give this to him”. She rolled down the window and held the money out to the guy, but he just sat there and said “just throw it to me”.

My wife said “huh?” And he said, “I don’t feel like getting up, just toss it to me.” So, my wife took all the coins and stacked them up and wrapped the dollar bill around them in an attempt to make a package that could be tossed.

Then, she tossed the package at the guy, and as he held out his hand to catch it, the package f**king exploded and coins went flying all around him and the dollar blew away. He just sat there and shrugged at my wife, and the light turned green so I started to drive in to the intersection.

Then, in the rearview mirror I see that the lady in the car behind me had gotten out and was collecting the coins off the ground, handed them to the panhandler, and then gave him a “you poor soul” hug.

I realized later that to her it looked like we had callously thrown our spare change at this poor panhandler who had put his hand up to defend himself, sending change flying everywhere. I imagine she thought we were cackling with glee, Cruella deVille style, as we sped off after our disgraceful act. And she felt the need to comfort him after he had been treated so badly.

Little did she know the guy was just a lazy s**t who couldn’t be bothered to get off his bucket.”

3. Broke her heart.

“When I was in elementary school there was a girl who copied everything I did. From what I would wear or paint in art class and even down to the way I organized my desk. One time she heard my friend and I talking about going to the neighborhood playground to hang out and she just showed up. Neither I nor my friend really liked her so we said hi but kept playing without her.

After she tried to play with us multiple times my friend and I just decided to leave because we didn’t want to play with her. I thought she was trying to take my identity and my friends by becoming me and it made me really angry. So I wasn’t very nice to her. I wouldn’t play with her at recess, I didn’t want to sit next to her at lunch and when she asked me to come over and play I would always say no.

Obviously, she was just insecure and wanted to be friends but being 10 I didn’t understand that. During high school I realized what had been going on reached out to her. We talked about it and we both explained our sides of what we were thinking at the time. I was an ass but she understood how I could feel that way. I apologized and we both went on with our lives.

Even if she did forgive me, I was the villain. If it helps I try very hard to make sure I’m trying to understand where people are coming from because of this.”

4. Had to go your own way.

“Probably when I broke up with my girlfriend that I started dating in high school. We had made some plans about me going into the military or joining the police force so I could provide for us once we got married.

Then I was like “yeah no I don’t want to do any of that, I’m 19″ and I left. She was pregnant by another man less than a year later.”

5. I thought we were friends…

“In junior school there was a girl I thought was my friend and we’d have fun bantering with each other. Until one day she was crying and someone else told me she was scared of me and considered me a bully.

It broke my heart because I sincerely thought we were just having fun together and I never would have seriously bullied her about anything. Our relationship was never the same even though I tried apologising and explaining my side.”

6. A rude thing to say.

“Back in 9th grade we had this math teacher. He was somewhat inexperienced in teaching but tried hard to teach us. I, being an asshole, always spoke out and used to pass mean comments. He tried to make the class understand every topic but i and few of my friends always gave him hard time by making noises and mean comments.

One day in class while he was struggling to solve a wrong equation or something (i cant remember exactly) i said something about him being incompetent and cant teach us.

I didn’t bother thinking about it since but years later my friend mentioned it and i realized how much of an asshole i had been with him.

He had probably just started teaching then and couldn’t handle the class properly and was trying as hard as he could.”

7. About my ex…

“I guess it’s what happened with my ex, I fell in love with him hard and he realised he didn’t love me so he broke up with me but really liked me and wanted to stay friends. So I remained his friend for two months but my feelings got so out of control I started hounding him to get back with me.

He got sick of this and cut me off. I just went ballistic, and would turn up at his house and cry and beg to speak to him, I’d text non stop. I was pure nice girl. I eventually became suicidal and was hospitalised a few times and they suggested I had borderline personality disorder. In the end it turned out I didn’t and we still don’t know why I ended up like that, but I effectively stalked him for a year.

Sending him a text on a burner number would ease my anxiety for a moment, even though it caused him suffering. In the end he got a restraining order out on me and I came to my senses and left him alone. I hate myself for what I did to him and still wonder what snapped in my brain to make me act like that.

If you’re out there Lance I am very sorry and I promise I am still working on myself to get better.”

8. Just like a rom-com.

“This might not exactly be the point of this question but still….

Ok so I was in a relationship with someone for around 11 months and we were on a very rough patch ( this was when I was 16, so basically stupid arguments). She had a guy best friend that I didn’t think much off.

So we were ‘on a break’ and she calls him and tells him that our relationship is not going well. Turns out he has liked her since around 3 years and never had the guts to tell her. He tells her everything how he had feelings for her, how he was jealous that I asked her out first and that he still likes her. So she starts to flirt with him and soon thereafter our relationship ends.

So once I find this all out and they start officially dating (like 10 days after it ends), I lash out at this guy and we have a nasty back and fourth. After which I realize…

I am the villian in a romcom in which the other guy is the protagonist.”

9. At least you realize it now.

“I was an asshole. Most of these come from my high school years. Me thinking I’m being funny, getting laughs, but not realizing i was being a piece of s**t to others at times.

Some underclassmen would try to hang around my friend group, but they annoyed the s**t out of us so I’d be a dickhead, buddies would laugh but I’d think back years later and realize what i was doing was bullying.

I’ve since apologized if i ever saw them or talked to them again. It may sound dumb but in my youth i never thought about how they’re their own person going through their own situations and maybe just wanted a friend.”

10. Former bully.

“I bullied a girl in high school. Truth was, I was so jealous of how smart and talented she was and I was really dumb. I once told the entire class that she liked someone (who was in the class) while she was in the toilet.

When she came back, everyone laughed. That was in year 7. In year 10, I apologized to her and she accepted my apology but to this day, still feel f**ked up about it. I recently learned she’s doing really well and I’m happy for her.

I’m the kind of person to stop bullying if I saw it, like if I walked past a school and witnessed it in the playground or something.”

11. A little s**t.

“I was very rude to a specific teacher as a kid (6th grade.) Said some horrible things to this sweet old lady just because she was a bit strict on rules. I was in a rebellious “f**k you I won’t do what you tell me even though you are a reasonable adult” phase.

I am sure that she thought I was the worst little sh**t.

If it were possible, I would apologize in a heartbeat.”

12. You’re being sued.

“I broke up with my boyfriend who was incredibly in love with me (2 year relationship in high school) and a year later my family sued him for 6 digits.

So during our relationship, we got into a really severe car accident. He was at fault, I ended up in the ICU for several days and have permanent organ damage (as of yet hasn’t affected my quality of life). It was really, really bad.

He was uninjured and incredibly upset over it, really sweet and genuinely good guy. I recovered, and a few months later I broke up with him for other reasons.

Well, his insurance didn’t pay my very expensive medical bills. My parents were struggling and they ended up suing his family’s insurance for the absolute maximum that the insurance would be required to pay without making his family have to pay out of pocket. His insurance would provide their lawyer.

His family was very poor and we didn’t want to punish them, we just wanted his insurance to pay for my bills. We refused to sue for more than that maximum despite our lawyer telling us we could’ve won more money.

The lawsuit unfortunately can’t say we were suing his insurance company, and we weren’t allowed to contact them. So they get served papers telling them his ex girlfriend was suing for a helluva lot of money they didn’t have.

Well. We won. I got a couple thousand dollars in pain and suffering that went towards my rent, the rest of the money was used for medical and legal bills.”

13. Not cool.

“I farted in a crowded elevator and tried to cough at the same time to cover up the noise but did not time it well.”

14. Let’s end with this long tale.

“Ok so this weird misunderstanding happened when I was visiting the Netherlands. I’d just bought a sandwich from one of the bakeries and was sitting by the canal eating it when this massive duck jumps out the water and goes straight towards me with its eyes fixed on my sandwich.

I’m kinda worried its gonna try to grab it off me so I wave my foot in it’s direction to try to ward it off. The duck stops at my feet and just sits there staring at me while I eat. “Ok, whatever, its just going to sit there and not bother me” I think, so I just ignore it and continue eating my sandwich.

Not long after this a women approaches me and speaks to me in dutch. I look at her blankly and she keeps speaking so I say “Sorry, I don’t understand”. She switches to broken English and starts saying “You make yourself big, you kick the duck”. I continue to stare blankly so she repeats herself a few more times.

I’m desperately trying to figure out what the hell she’s talking about. Eventually it dawns on me. She’s seen that the duck wants my sandwich, and shes trying to tell me how to make it go away. The duck isn’t bothering me, and I really don’t want to kick it, so I just smile and “Right ok”.

But this damn woman won’t leave. She keeps standing there staring at me. So I sigh, comically puff up my chest to ‘make myself big’, look at the duck, and give it a small nudge with my foot.

Nothing happens. The duck doesn’t even react. It’s still standing in the same place. At this point the women goes f**king ballistic. She starts yelling at me to “f**k off back to my own country”, she “hopes I choke on my sandwich” and even says she’s going to throw me in the canal and makes a motion towards me. I’m just sitting staring at her in utter disbelief.

After she leaves I’m kind of in shock and trying to process what happened. I eventually realize that from her perspective it looked like I’d kicked the duck when I’d waved my foot at it, and she was trying to call me out on it.

To which I responded by politely smiling and then ‘kicking’ the duck again while puffing up my chest to take the piss out of her. She’s probably still telling people about the asshole animal abuser foreigner.”

Wow…like I said, everyone deserves to be heard…

Has this ever happened to you?

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