If you spend time with a pregnant woman, tread carefully. They’re going through a lot, they’re uncomfortable, and they’re not gonna deal with your BS in any way, shape, or form.

Get it? Got it? Good!

Now enjoy these funny tweets from hilarious pregnant women.

1. Just show the truth.


2. Layers on top of layers.


3. It can wait a month or two.

4. Not happening…

5. Helpful children.

6. Might as well just set up shop in there.

7. Messin’ with them.

8. The kid knows all about it.

9. Baby Brain…

10. No middle ground.

11. Long gone…

12. Not a great review.

13. You do you.


14. Not the right answer.

15. She will cut you!

You’re doing great moms! Keep up the good work!

Okay, we want to hear from you! Which one of these did you like the best?

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