When you look at these handwriting samples, you might furrow your brow and look twice because they don’t even look real.

In fact, they’re so perfect they look like they might have been created by a computer. Does that mean they were created by computers? Are these people computers? Are androids runnning the world?!? What’s going on?!?!

Okay, back on track. We can’t something like the robot apocalypse upset our apple cart.

Now then… take a look at these gorgeous examples of highly detailed font by the appropriately named subreddit, Penmanship P*rn.

1. This is not a font

But damn if it doesn’t look like it!

Nope, not font. This is my co-workers’s handwriting
byu/adilly31 inPenmanshipPorn

2. A work of art

They’re not DaVinci… but they’re really good.

Image Credit: Imgur

3. So. Damn. Impressive!

This really is something!

Don’t care if it’s early, I’m excited
byu/ravenignite inPenmanshipPorn

4. That frosting, tho!

How do you even do that? What a steady hand!

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5. Perfection

This is pretty amazing, right?

byu/iDontLikeYouAnyway inPenmanshipPorn

6. WOW

Did I say wow? I mean WHOA WOW WHOA!

Today’s leftovers from Las Trojas
byu/lelupe86 inPenmanshipPorn

7. Not a computer screen

But it could have fooled me!

My SO handwriting looks like a font
byu/Kapakittens inmildlyinteresting

8. I could look at that all day

In fact, I’ll do just that!

my medicine notes! got about 120 pages of this
byu/bucksshot inPenmanshipPorn

9. Nice!

Really, really, really nice!

Recommended to post here by a redditor😊🤘 I’m new to reddit .. but heres a little of my handwriting ..
byu/CraftyKay2K inPenmanshipPorn

10. The man is a master

Mastering the fonts is so hard!

Look at the Handwriting
byu/Janp8 inoddlysatisfying

11. A good note writer

Great job, writer person!


12. In chalk

Wow. Dusty AF!

Chalkboard I made for our breakfast service
byu/elysse1123 inPenmanshipPorn

13. LOL

This guy!

Tried to be fancy.
byu/Teddy_Tsai inPenmanshipPorn

14. I like the looks of this

They’re really great!

The pub was filled with stuff like this!
byu/melindypants inPenmanshipPorn

15. The perfect note


Penmanship that was almost as pretty as the flowers this ‘thank you’ note was attached to.
byu/Euphorasized inPenmanshipPorn

Now those are some fine works of art! Can you believe people can actually write these?

Which of them did you like the most?

Let us know in the comments!