Guys…it’s time for some real talk.

Because today we’re going to hear from fellas on AskReddit about what they really want.

Are y’all ready for this?

Check out what they had to say!

1. I need silence.

“My tinnitus be gone.

I don’t know what real silence sounds like.”

2. Sweet, sweet sleep.


I have had insomnia since I was a small child.

I could count on both hands the number of times that was able to fall asleep in under 1 hour and sleep through the night.

I yearn for nothing more than being able to sleep well.”

3. Sounds nice.

“A cabin in the woods away from everyone.

Look into building on the edge of national forest land (if you’re in the US, that is).

You don’t need much land to own for yourself then you have miles and miles of woods behind you.”

4. The same.

“Probably a lot of the same things women want.

Less stress, more stability, to be successful in my endeavors , etc.”

5. Need to be needed.

“Love, support and the feeling that I am needed.

And that I make a contribution.”

6. Out of debt.

“To be out of debt.

I got married, got in debt. Got divorced.

Was debt free. Got remarried. Back in debt. F**K.”

7. Love is all you need.

“I personally just want to love someone and be loved back, could do away with pretty much anything else.”

8. Health.

“Personally, I just want my body fixed.

I h**e having a disease that is written into my genetics.

Type One Diabetes.”

9. Looking for it…

“Some affection.

It’s crazy how a compliment can make my entire month for me.”

10. Goes a long way.

“Feeling appreciated.

Men are expected to do certain things without return, and that is honestly messed up.

Even sharing back some emotion to men for their work goes a long way.”

11. That’s all.

“Just a hug.

The last hug I got was from my mom 12 years ago.”

12. Goals.

“To make my wife happy.

To have my children grow up healthy and happy.

To be the person that my dog thinks that I am.”

13. Love and loyalty.

“To receive the same love and loyalty that I give.

I want you to make me feel special the same way I try to make you feel special.

Don’t leave me hanging and questioning where I stand in your life.”

14. Make it genuine.

“I’d like to feel genuine love for once.

People say all guys think about is s**, but I’d trade having s** for someone who honestly loves me in a heartbeat.

All I want is one person in my life that can feel like a safe place, cause that’s something in my life I’ve never had.

Just compassion and support, unwavering.”

15. You might be right.

“Comfort. In all its forms.

I think that’s just what humans want.”

Okay, fellas, now we want to hear from you.

What do YOU really want?

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