Fact: cats love to hide. I don’t know if it’s because they like to torment us humans or they just enjoy their alone time, but we all know it throws us for a loop.

Whether on purpose on a total accident, these kitties are blending into their surroundings and, as you can imagine, they don’t feel bad about it AT ALL.

Because cats do what they want. ALWAYS.

1. Lady in white.

Camouflage lvl.99
byu/AhmedElsisy inAccidentalCamouflage

2. Just a little munchkin.

[deleted by user]
by inaww

3. I honestly don’t even see a cat here.

4. Don’t throw Pip away!

I almost bagged Pip up
byu/black-cat-tarot inAccidentalCamouflage

5. She is now part dog.

byu/LAN-down-under inwoof_irl

6. Here’s another one.

Cat hiding on Dog
byu/DiscoCow999 inAccidentalCamouflage

7. That’s an interesting pose.

My vacuum left awful marks on my stairs
by inmisleadingthumbnails

8. Wow. That is impressive.

This cat
byu/Seduku inAccidentalCamouflage

9. Don’t turn on the water.

10. Where’d she go?!?!

Invisible cat
byu/LouBlackwood inAccidentalCamouflage

11. Did they pick the floor or the cat first?

Restroom tiles
byu/dvntwnsnd inAccidentalCamouflage

12. The rug has feet and a tail.

Wait a minute, did that rug always have feet?
byu/KahlaPaints inAccidentalCamouflage

13. A perfect mash-up.

14. All I see is a teddy bear.

Spot the cat!
byu/Bnot42 inAccidentalCamouflage

15. This is my house.

A lil dude I found with some pretty good peanuts!
by inPeanutWhiskers

I might need to go back through those again and try to find the cats. Some of those are really tricky.

Do you have any photos of your own feline friend playing hide and seek?

Share them with us in the comments!