We all have a little bit of introvert in us, but some folks are really introverted. I’m talking about people who don’t like to leave their house or even answer the door when the pizza guy rings the doorbell.

The hashtag #IntrovertLessons101 has been popular lately because there are so many of these hermit-like guys and gals out there.

So let’s take a look at some good introvert tweets and see if any of these ring a bell.

1. Not gonna move, are you?


2. You can fake it online!

3. Putting in 6 minutes, max.

4. That’s always a good move.


5. Need to recharge the batteries.

6. Not good at that part.

7. Quality, not quantity.

8. Best friends for life.

9. Now you’re in the circle of trust.

10. Please, have mercy.


11. Panic will occur. That’s a promise.

12. They need more privacy than the average person.

13. That’s not gonna work.


14. Time to go home.


15. Three important rules.

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Introverts unite!  Or don’t…you should probably just stay home…