I don’t know about you, but when I’m down in the dumps, a round-up of quality animal pics seems to do the trick. Cute dog?

Extra bonus: these photos are very wholesome.

Enjoy! I know I did…

1. That’s how you fix that problem.

2. That’s not for you!

3. Wait a second…

4. Just wants to sit at the table.

5. Congratulations, graduate!

6. I want to know what kind of carrying case that is…

7. Is he driving?

8. I love this!

9. Awwwww.

10. Let’s play a game.

11. What’s going on here…?

12. Whoops!

13. Smile for the camera.

14. Downward facing dog.

15. What are you gonna do?

Are those posts adorable, or what?

Do you have any cute photos of your precious pets? Share them with us in the comments!

We want to see dogs, cats, snakes, mice, everything you got!