When I was in fifth grade, a particularly unpleasant teacher humiliated me in front of the entire class and I was pissed…

Come to think of it, I’m still pissed.

Apparently, I have a hard time getting over some things…

The point is that things that authority figures do to us when we’re young can stick with us for a while.

Being embarrassed or called out in front of your peers, especially when you’re young, can be traumatizing.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with these folks on AskReddit who shared stories about teachers who wronged them back in the day.

1. Not a good teacher.

“Graded the boys and girls differently.

She was my middle school history and speech teacher, and we KNEW she was grading the boys much more harshly than the girls. We couldn’t prove it while I was at that school, but we knew. A couple years after my class graduated, a group of students who had the same thoughts, set her up in a grading sting.

Essentially, two boys and two girls wrote the same paper for an assignment. Not literally the same, because that would have been cheating, but they all argued the same points in the same way, just with different wording and structure in their papers.

The boys got Cs and the girls got As. They took the papers to the headmaster, and had him read them with all of this in mind. She was asked to resign shortly thereafter. What still pisses me off is that nobody believed us when I was in school there.

It was a serious source of stress for me then too, since I was very motivated by my grades, and just could not figure out why I was struggling so much with her classes.”

2. Doesn’t seem fair…

“I was the only junior in the class. The rest were jock-type seniors. I was the only one to get a c in the class while the rest got As. It was ridiculous because the teacher couldn’t justify my getting a C.

I had an average of about 91% in high school, and that was my first and only C.”

3. Some people shouldn’t work with kids.

“I had a 2nd grade teacher “Miss B” that I just didn’t like and she didn’t really like me either. But, I was a good student and generally well behaved, so I kept my head down and did what I needed to do.

When teacher conferences came along, my mom went in to talk to her and this teacher told my mother that I was a “braggart” and that I “told all the other students how much smarter I am” and other statements which made me look like a conceited little brat. The thing is, NONE of it was true, not one word… To this day, I have no idea why she fabricated the lies and told them to my mother and it still rankles me.

That said, when my mom talked to me about it, I told her that it was completely made up and no such thing happened. My mom believed me 100%. She had NEVER received any kind of report like that from any other teacher and never did for the rest of my school years.

This same teacher gave me points off on a phonics worksheet because I colored a piece of cake blue with light blue frosting because my mom had just made me a blue cake for my recent birthday (at my request).

I get the paper back and she marked points off for the blue cake. I asked why and she looked at me and said matter of factly “Cake isn’t blue.” I said “Yes, it is. My mom made me one for my birthday with blue frosting.

She did it with food coloring!” In a nasty tone, she just said “Get back to your seat, Tappy.” Now, almost 40 years later, I’m still like “WTF Miss B?”

Some people should NOT be working with children and Miss B was definitely one of them.”

4. Your child is crazy.

“My second grade teacher suggested to my mother that I was schizophrenic because she couldn’t understand the story-within-a-story that I wrote.

She literally called my mother in for a meeting and advised her to take me to a therapist for my “disorganized thinking” because I wrote a story in which, at the end, the narrator turned out to be one of the characters telling the story to their grandchildren; another beef with the story she had was that it “didn’t make sense” that the tomboy character named Nicole would go by Cole.

She also threw a roll of duct tape at my head during the class Halloween party because some of the kids I had just passed pieces of tape out had to stuck the tape to their faces and/or clothes.”

5. Kick me.

“I told a friend that it would be funny if we put a “Kick me” sign on my brother’s back, so she did it.

The teacher caught her and my friend got scared and said that I made her do it. Having a known sibling rivalry with him, I got the punishment instead of her. I never told her to do it. I only said it would be funny because “kick me” signs are funny in cartoons.

The teacher made me stand in front of the whole class with my hands behind my head while everyone else got to kick me as hard as they wanted for two minutes. A whole group of relentless 8-10 year old children gathered around me and kicked me as many times as they wanted to.

As hard as they wanted to. Why? Because they were allowed to, and it was probably pretty fun to be on their side of the situation.

I never told my parents because I was afraid of getting in trouble a second time, and I felt like that had been punishment enough.”

6. Joke’s on you.

“Gave me a bad end of year report out of pure spite because she didn’t like me and thought me using computers was equivalent to messing around with toys.

I quote: “Zerbey would rather play with computers than concentrate on school work”. Incidentally, I passed her class with high grades and never caused her any trouble. Every other teacher and my Headmaster commented on how hard I’d worked all year and how much I’d matured. Hmmph.

Joke’s on her, I have a career in IT now. That “playing with computers” worked out.”

7. Stay put!

“I had a teacher when I was 10 that NEVER let me go to the restroom, like i would ask and she wouldn’t let me.

So i ended up having alot of accidents at school and my parents had to go to the school and talk to her. She still never let me go so my parents told me to just get up and leave if she didn’t let me.”

8. Found it!

“My English teacher in high school was the most disorganized person ever. She always had s**t laying all over her classroom and never knew where anything was. She lost multiple students’ papers all the time.

One day she lost my paper and told me I didn’t turn it in, and I argued with her that I absolutely did. She wasn’t having it, so I got up in the middle of class, said, “this is f**king bulls**t” and walked out. She called my math teacher, as that was my following class, and told me that she found my paper. It was a frustrating victory.”

9. Bullied.

“During my first year in school, which was 7th grade, I was bullied a lot.

One time in class I told the teacher that this group of kids kept picking on me and she called them up front. All the kids lied their asses off and said nothing was happening. She asked a kid that was sitting close to me and she lied also.

As a result, I was punished and was made to sit in the front of the class. Was never so embarrassed in my life.”

10. Harsh.

“My English teacher senior year called me retarded and said I’d never amount to anything.

Now I’m her coworker and about to be tenured.”

11. Eat it!

“I didn’t want to eat a sausage roll one day so I gave it away to someone.

My teacher made me take it back and basically stopped the whole class to make them watch me eat it.”

12. Wow…rude…

“I had a math teacher in Grade 8 that got fired for telling a Native American to “Go hunt buffalo.”

They said her leave was related to family problems but everyone knew.”

13. Stop undermining me.

“A teacher gave me a wrong answer because I said England and not the United Kingdom.

I even showed the reading that pointed out England and she gave me detention for “undermining” her.”

14. Oops…

“In elementary school, we were doing an assignment that involved coloring, and the teacher said to color something green.

I colored it red, and the teacher came over to me and asked why I want paying attention, because she had clearly stated to color it green.

I told her I did color it green, and she paddled me in front on the whole class for it. Turns out I’m color blind.”

15. Even more bullying…

“When I was in 3rd grade I was bullied by this kid who’s dad was in a horrific car/bike accident and had to be hospitalized for a couple years. It wasn’t like hardcore abuse bullying it was more like teasing, but it still made going to school difficult for me.

He made fun of my name (I have a traditional hard to pronounce Irish name), my accent (I have a thick regional accent), and my weight (I was a chubby kid) mostly. One day he was making pig noises at me and I snapped and yelled “stop being a jerk!”

Our teacher then made the whole class sit in a circle and talk about how what I’d done was unacceptable and bullying is wrong. Then after class she pulls me aside tells me that even though she knows he teases me I have to suck it up because his dad isn’t well an anyway he probably likes me.

Looking back I realize that the kid was acting out and needed therapy due to his situation, however I was another kid and my teacher should not have put all that on me.”

16. F that guy.

“-told me that i wasn’t worthy of anyone’s respect

-broke a kid’s phone and lied about it to assistant principals

-yelled at my choir director for playing the piano while there was AP testing going on, when it was her 1st year at the school and many of her students were present

the list goes on and on.

f**k that guy”

How about you?

Did you ever have any experiences like this with teachers?

If so, please share them with us in the comments!