For some folks out there, they are one and done.

It only takes one time to get burned by a brand, a store, or a restaurant, and then they’ll never go back there again or drop any money on any of their products.

Which is understandable, but I think you have to get screwed over pretty badly to say “never again”…

Let’s see what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Not satisfied.

“Never again restaurant was Jamie Oliver’s Italian.

Bloody awful menu, completely pretentious trite.

I think they all closed down.”

2. The friendly skies.

“Spirit Airlines.

The one time my family has flown Spirit there was a crushed taco salad in the pull-down desk, and the whole plane smelled vaguely like baby powder.”

3. Waste of money.

“Smokey Bones.

I ordered a “loaded nachos” from them recently. It arrived. It was basically a pile of plain corn chips with maybe a tablespoon of cheese sauce.

It included several tiny tablespoon portions of salsa, tomatoes, jalapeños, and sour cream. This was $13.00! Total waste of money.

I will never order from them again!”

4. Avoid at all costs.

“American buffets.

Ryan’s, Golden Corral, Old Country Buffet, etc…

I worked at one. Trust me. Do not.”

5. Brilliant!

“Soon after she left me in 1998, my ex wife wanted to meet for a post mortem conversation. I suggested we meet at Pizzeria Uno.

About 20 minutes into our agonizing conversation, she looked around and said: “Wait. You hate Pizzeria Uno.” I replied: “I sure do. I’m not going to ruin a place that I like with terrible memories. I’m never entering a Pizzeria Uno again.”

And I haven’t.”

6. Best Buy.

“Best Buy. I bought a washer and dryer there, and I paid for installation.

The guy came out, installed them, turned them on, and left. The washer started flooding my laundry room within minutes. I called them back, and they said they couldn’t come back to fix it. They’re just bring me a new washer in a few days.

New washer comes, gets installed, and again the guy leaves (even though I asked him not to). Again, it floods my laundry room. Again, they won’t come back even though it’s just a few minutes later. They said they’d bring a new one in a few days, but I said f*ck it.

I told them to take the washer and dryer back, and I’d purchase them elsewhere. It took them a whole week to come back and get them, and even then only after I threatened to put them outside.

When they finally took them back, I got a refund….of one cent. One. F*cking. Cent. I had to spend hours on the phone with them to get the full refund amount. Then, they didn’t refund me for the hoses (which they took back) and the installation (you know, that flooded my laundry room twice). It was another few hours on the phone to get them to give me that money back too.

Bought a new washer and dryer at Costco later. Came the next day, installed in minutes (for free), and worked great. Was even cheaper than Best Buy.

Seriously, f*ck Best Buy.”

7. Bad experience.

“Long Horn Steak House.

Reason: all but 2 people in our party (of 15 people) got horrid food poisoning. Mine was so bad that I threw out my back from vomiting and retching, and couldn’t take pain medicine without throwing it up.

So I couldn’t sleep because of having intense stomach and back pain that lasted a week.”

8. Not good.

“Skullcandy headphones.

Bought a pair once, they broke, got them replaced, they broke, got them replaced, they broke, gave up.

Didn’t do anything out of the ordinary with them, I’d pull them apart a bit to place them.over my head and SNAP, two pieces…”

9. Stranded.

“Yellow Cab. The driver ran out of gas on Hwy 59 in Houston at 3:00 in the morning which is a major road in a not so good area.

He left my friend and I on the side of the road for an hour while he walked to get gas twice since it still am didn’t start after the first trip. In the midst of all this I called Yellow Cab multiple times asking for another vehicle to pick us up only to be hung up on.

After we finally got to my apartment he requested full payment. I said f*ck you and offered $20 and that was all he was getting. Ended up getting into a massive cussing argument with this guy before he finally took the money and left.

I haven’t, nor will I ever use them again.”

10. Haven’t forgotten.

“Pottery Barn.

My wife was pregnant with our first child, so full nesting mode engaged. We ordered a chair for the kids room/nursery/whatever the f*ck it’s called, a nice glider with an ottoman, perfect, in theory, for 3am feedings. We ordered it at around 5 months out.

Everything was on track until 3 weeks from delivery date. We had called many times to confirm since shipping was delayed, but still on track for the due date. They told us it was now back-ordered for 6 months. These things happen, but there’s no way they found out about a 6 month delay 3 weeks from delivery on a 9 month lead.

It was a sh*t show! My wife, now fully in the grasp of preggers-crazy went ballistic. We got in cancelled and found another one from some similar place (restoration hardware?) it came in time.

Ok, then Pottery Barn’s ottoman shows up! What else came was a charge for the ottoman. Now we start fight 2 so they would refund our money and retrieve the ottoman. Kid turned 2 months old before it got cleared up.

My wife still flips the store off every time we drive by. This was 8 years ago.”

11. That’s pretty gross.

“I ordered a different type of gravy at Cracker Barrel, and they brought it out to me still in a plastic pouch with microwaving instructions on it.

I know things are prepackaged and reheated in a lot of places, but to not even bother dishing it up?”

12. Dude, you’re NOT getting a Dell.

“Dell, for laptops anyway. They have this devious little feature: the charging cable has a thin data wire inside that tells the computer the charger is from Dell.

If you plug in a charger that does not have this, even if the voltage is correct, the computer will throttle the CPU way down by sending false overheating signals, and will only increase the battery charge if the machine is off. To make this way worse, that data pin wears out and breaks very easily, and even if your charger still works, which it often does, it is borderline unusable. Since you can only get a replacement from dell, replacement chargers are unusually expensive.

This “feature” cannot be turned off in any intended way. There is a program you can use to bypass it by disabling the specific type of thermal cpu throttling they use, but that only works on intel cpus.

If you have an amd, tough luck, and even if you dont you shouldn’t have to disable hardware safety features using 3rd party software just to use hardware that is perfectly functional except for one unnecessary part that is designed to break.”

13. Not gonna do that again.


I will NEVER step foot on one of their buses again. Every single time I’ve rode with them, something catastrophic happens.

From buses breaking down to felons getting arrested mid-trip, I think it’s safe to say I’ve had enough.”

14. Sketchy.

“Wells Fargo.

Fake Accounts scandal

Auto Loan insurance scandal

Mortgage Loan scandal #1 (changing customer terms)

Mortgage Loan scandal #2 (2008)

PPP Loan scandal.”

15. Uh oh…

“Temptations cat treats.

There’s something in those things that turn cats into absolute junkies.”

16. Planet Fitness.

“Planet Fitness.

Moved back to my home state from SF. Forgot to cancel my membership. Tried from the App: Nope. Tried from my local Planet Fitness: Nope.


So I cancelled that credit card because that was easier than getting my membership cancelled.”

17. Rip-off.

“AT&T from back in the days of long distance, said they’d get me a good rate to Thailand, which we call all the time. Bill comes and its 10x the advertised rate.

I call. The first guy can’t fix the bill. I escalate to a “manager”. He says “You are correct. I’ll fix your bill.”

Next day he calls back and says “we’ve decided not to fix your bill”.”

18. That darn bank.

“Ohio Savings Bank.

They charged me 300 dollars over the span of a year because, unlike normal debit cards, every time I put my pin in instead of signing, it charged me an extra dollar fifty.

By the time I caught it most of the charges were past the 30 day refund policy so they gave me 10 dollars as a refund. I didn’t make a fuss because I know it’s not the workers fault but I did withdraw all my money immediately and switched banks.”

19. Be wary.

“Home Advisor.

I’d swear it is just advertisements with fake reviews. I got a horrible contractor for a kitchen through them, it took over a year. They had 4.8 stars and hundreds of reviews on HA.

The lost their BBB status in the process, I had to get the state to threaten their license, just to get them to finish.”

20. A terrible idea.

“Shredded cheese from Dollar Tree.

Just don’t.

Please don’t be like me and try it…”

21. Sprint.

“Sprint- couple of years ago they let someone buy over $2,000 worth of phones in my moms name. Didn’t ask for ID or anything.

They got an address but it was off by a couple of numbers. My mom didn’t notice for a couple of months when her credit got flagged when they were trying to get approved for a loan or something.

She fought with Sprint to get the charges removed from her credit. We’ve never had Sprint before so don’t know how that was a massive oversight especially with no ID and the wrong address.”

22. You’re done!

“Door Dash.

When 50% of my orders never made it to me, and one of the drivers cusses me out for having the audacity to ask for my food, they go on the never again list.”

23. Wish I was exaggerating.

“Ashley Furniture.

Tried to use the extra protection plan we brought for our sofa that broke. They picked it up and then they tried to deliver it back to the wrong address 4 GOD D*MN TIMES.

We were without a sofa for a month and a half when we were told us it would be 7 days because they couldn’t figure out how to update our f*cking address.

I literally had to go into a physical location because their phone customer service just couldn’t figure out how to update a simple address and refused to escalate and it was literal insanity.

I wish I was exaggerating.”

24. The Horrible Hound.

“Greyhound bus.

If you’ve got no other option, buckle up, it’s going to get weird.”

25. Ouch.

“Dodge Ram. Bought new, had all service and oil changes done at the dealership. Paid above the monthly note and managed to pay it off about 6 months early. At 4.5 years/47K miles it throws a rod.

Took the issue all the way up the chain. Was told that because the note was paid off, that we got our money’s worth on the truck. Our “expectation that our truck should function beyond the length of the loan was unrealistic”.

F*ck Dodge, NEVER again.”

26. Oops.

“Target brand tampons.

I’ll skip the details.

If you know, you know.”

27. I don’t blame you.

“Red Robin.

They offered my father a corporate job, then rescinded it upon learning the reason he spent the last 6months out of the workforce was to beat leukemia.”

28. Rings and things.

“Jared. I went in with something specific in mind for a ring and asked the salesman to please show me what he had comparable to that criteria.

Right off the bat he put his hands up and said “whoa whoa whoa, slow down. Just be calm.” And quite frankly that set my teeth on edge because I don’t think there’s anything aggressive about truthfully answering the question “how can I help you” ya know?

He then kept trying to get me a latte and telling me to relax and settle down which was only serving to upset me more. When he finally got around to showing me merchandise, he showed me a ring that had an inclusion so large in the stone that it looked like a giant scratch through the middle.

And when I said “this ring has a scratch in it” he insisted to me that I didn’t know what I was looking at and that I wasn’t properly appreciating the beauty of this ring.

When I pointed out that I didn’t even need a loop to see the “scratch” and asked if perhaps he had something else to show me, he told me this was the only stone I could possibly get for that price and that I would have to be willing to up my budget significantly. I thanked him and made to leave and he made a sh*tty comment about how I’d never find anything as nice as what I showed him. (I found something far superior at a local jeweler for an even better price).

So yeah, whenever those stupid “He went to Jared!” commercials come on I always yell out “you can tell because her ring has a f*cking scratch in it!””

Now it’s your turn!

In the comments, tell us about your “never again” brands and places.

Please and thank you!