We all probably did it once or twice as kids: Run away from home after getting into a fight with our parents.

Usually, this involved walking out the front door and wandering around the neighborhood for a little bit. Or maybe you had a “secret” hideout in a tree in the backyard you took shelter in during these moments.

A 5-year-old in Utah really takes the cake for “running away from home” stories. Instead of packing a knapsack and hiding out in the backyard, he decided to take his parents’ car for a little joyride.

Keep in mind here: The kid’s five years old.

Utah Highway Patrol responded to the situation and were able to pull the underage driver without issue.

They even explained exactly what he was mad about: His parents refused to buy him a Lamborghini. Dang, kid’s got expensive tastes!

When Mom refused, he hopped in the family car and decided to march himself to California to buy one himself.

Unfortunately, his progress was impeded by the police. Drat!

The officers joked that he may not have had enough for a new Lamborghini even if he made it to California safely, since he only had $3 in his pocket. But you gotta hand it to the kid for his initiative. We see a bright future ahead of you, kid!

A few people on Twitter agreed with us:

But others were SO not amused by his antics:

Other people were upset with police for sharing the story on social media:


And one Tweeter had a great idea for the kid’s 16th birthday gift:


What do you think about how the Utah police handled the situation? Should they have posted the story on Twitter? Charged the boy and his parents? Something else entirely.

It’s not every day you see a 5-year-old driving a car down the highway, so let us know your thoughts.

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