There are a few recipes from my favorite restaurants I’d love to get my hands on, but I’ve never actually had the courage to ask for it…or to demand it.

But that’s what happened in this story from Reddit…the nerve of some people, huh?

It’s a different kind of “recipe”, but you’ll pick up on that…

Read on to see what happened.

Customer wants to leave and take the recipe with them.

“So recently a customer at my work told us that they were no longer going to use us to manufacture their products for them.

We felt this was quite out of the blue, as they had used us for 40 years without any problems. We got over this, however they then asked us to give them the recipe for their product so they could take it to a competitor to make.

Now for context, when they started using us in the 70/80’s the provided us with their recipe to make their product the right texture, firmness, and look just how they wanted it.

Over the years we’ve spent time and money finding new chemicals when certain ones have been discontinued, altering the mix of chemicals so that the products are still how they want them, and developing the recipe further to make it more efficient and provide better results.

The way we were making their products now is completely different to how we were at the start.

Because of this, my boss was unhappy with what they were asking of us. But, complying with their request, he gave them the recipe to their products… the original recipe that is. It’s fair to say they’re not that happy that they’re going to have to spend their time and money to update it as we have over the last 40 years.”

And here’s how Reddit users responded to this story.

This reader said that this practice doesn’t seem to be all that uncommon.

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Another individual said that purchasers actually cause companies a lot of harm.

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This Reddit user said that there are a whole lot of folks out there who make bad supplier change decisions.

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And finally, another reader argued that, technically, they gave this guy what he asked for…I just wonder what happened next…

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