Inflation ain’t no joke, folks!

And we all know this to be true because the price of pretty much everything has gone up dramatically over the past little while.

And that is DEFINITELY true for groceries.

A woman took it upon herself to compare how much more she paid for different items from 2020 to 2023…and it’s pretty eye-opening.

In her TikTok video, she says that she bought corn mix, flour, 12-gallon nondairy milk, six eggs, two bananas, a small bundle of green Scallion, two potatoes, pinto beans, frozen mixed vegetables, and grain for $10.09 in 2020.

But those same items in 2023?

Take a look at her video and see for yourself…

@amywaytosave Full vide0 & price comparison on my Y T! #inflation #groceryshopping #groceryprices #grocerypricetoohigh #inflationisreal #pricecomparison #10dollarmealchallenge ♬ original sound – darcy stokes

Lots and lots of people had feelings about this on TikTok.

One person said,

“We need to start calling it what it is: price gouging.”

Another viewer added,

“I wish they’d just stop lying to us by calling this inflation, this is 100% price gouging and I am SICK OF IT.”

And one person commented,

“It’s not just food though. everyone everywhere is price gouging and saying it’s inflation while wages stay the same.”

And some TikTokkers shared their own price comparisons.

One commented,

“The ‘cheap’ butter we used to buy a year ish ago, was 99 cents, now it’s 3 bucks.”

Another viewer said,

“I just got hamburger from Walmart for almost $6/lb. I remember it being like $3.50/lb.”

And one person even commented about how much fast food has gone up:

“I went to McDonald’s and got a large caramel frappe and a large fry and it cost me $9.68 .. that’s just ridiculous.”

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