Oh, Millennials

You thought you were so cool for a while, didn’t you?

You were pretty much running the show there for a long time and then BOOM, these young Generation Z people swooped in and stole your thunder.

And not only that, now they’re talking mad trash about Millennials…and they’re making fun of them about the things that they like to do that the Gen Z’ers think are not cool and honestly kind of lame.

And, of course, the younger folks are posting their trash talking online.

Let’s see what kind of shade Generation Z people are throwing at Millennials. Hang on tight!

1. I guess the middle part isn’t cool anymore…

Who knew?!?!


Sorry Gen Z, side part FO life! 🤣 #PupPeroniShuffle #GetReadyWithOldSpice #fyp #millenialmom #middlepartchallenge #middlepartbaddie

♬ human – christina perri

2. Skinny jeans are officially OUT, people.

Just thought you’d like to know.


3. You guys need to stop using that emoji, okay?

It’s for the best…


😂😂😂😭 #laughemoji #millennial #comedy #lgbt #okboomer

♬ brandy running and crying – brandy running and crying

4. Really? Is it time to do that already?

Okay, if you say so…

5. It’s about time, people!

And maybe you shouldn’t brag about that…


6. Guys, it’s time to get it together.

LOOK AT THE CAMERA. We’ve been over this before…


7. Oh, isn’t that adorable?

Well, maybe not so much…


8. I’ve heard about enough of that.

Are you with me on this one?


9. I had no idea!

And here we are…


10. I’m not a fan of that one.

It’s kind of annoying!

11. Can we stop all the wine talk?

It’s gone on for far too long.


12. You know you’ve seen it!

And we all feel the same way about it.


pack it up “i can’t survive without coffee”🙄 #millennial #foryou #girlboss #avocadotoast #millennials #fyp #laughingemoji #harrypotter


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