Family drama alert! And it’s coming in fast!

And, because of the world we currently live in, we’re having family drama on Zoom! Of course, this was going to happen…

Anyway, take a look at this person’s story about what went down during a monumental zoom call and check out the reactions from Reddit users on the other side.

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AITA for kicking my cousin off of my sister’s wedding Zoom call?

“My [27M] older sister [30F] and her fiancé [31M] were planning for over a year for their wedding to be this month.

Obviously, they can’t have the wedding as planned, but they still would like to get married, so they decided on a “Zoom” wedding where all of the family/friends would just call in to watch the officiant, my sister, and her fiancé.

My sister didn’t want to be in charge of hosting the Zoom call because she thought it would stress her out, so she asked me to and I gladly accepted.

She and her fiancé decided to invite everyone they originally wanted to, and it was a very big list. When we were going over the list, my sister mentioned to me that she wanted everyone else to be muted for the majority of the wedding as she was worried that others would talk over her and her fiancé and quote “overshadow” them on their big day “that was already scaled down”.

However, her and her fiancé said that I should unmute everyone at one point so everyone could talk and have a nice time with each other.

Fast-forward to the day of the wedding—everyone is muted during the ceremony which goes great, and so I then unmute everyone and ask to please raise a hand if they’d like to talk so it doesn’t get confusing. My cousin (around my age) starts waving his hand crazily, and he’s with his longtime girlfriend (also similar age I guess).

He’s a very gregarious guy, so I was not surprised. Then, he says stuff like “(my sister) and (her husband) are such an inspiration, it’s given me the courage to do this….” then turns to his girlfriend and pulls out a box that is the size of an engagement ring box??

I immediately saw this as him trying to steal the spotlight (something that he’s done since we were kids, ex: he would secretly mess up my sister and I’s drawings if the adults would praise ours) and booted him off of the call.

Then I quickly announced that my cousin had technical difficulties and would not be joining again. Everyone else accepted this and went about talking, and my sister and her husband did too.

The rest of the wedding went smoothly—except for the fact that my cousin kept texting me angrily saying that he finally wanted to propose as a surprise with family all around and I ruined it.

My aunt and uncle texted me the same. AITA??”

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This person praised the Lord Almighty that the cousin was banished from the call!

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Another Reddit user said that the person did the right thing for their sister…and I’m inclined to agree with them.

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A reader said that it’s a good thing the wedding was on Zoom, because if the cousin had pulled this in-person it could have been a lot worse.

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A reader commented that people who make these kinds of huge gestures on someone else’s special day are 100% wrong all the time.

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