Some parents have a lot of nerve, don’t you think?

Yes, I understand that everyone believes their children are the best ones on the planet, but still…get a grip.

Here’s a story about a mom who gives new meaning to the word entitled. Let’s take a look.

Entitled Mother Demands I Sell Her Something Extremely Important to Me, Because “My LiTtLe AnGeL DeSeRvEs It!!!!!”

“Okay, this happened back in 2019, I only just thought of posting it here.

Cast: K- kid EM: Entitled Mom Me: Me

Backstory: Before COVID I did some babysitting every now and then, once I babysat K and my house. Also, I have a small doll collection. I know it’s a little weird, please don’t be too judgmental :).

Anyways, a few months before this happened, my grandma gave me a doll for Christmas, which is extremely important to me because it’s from her. Onto the story..

So around 14:00, EM dropped K off at my house, I usually don’t babysit in my own home, but it didn’t bother me that much. At around 16:00, K said she wanted to play hide and seek, so we played for about half an hour until she hid in my room, where she saw my display.

I’m usually really insecure about people seeing it, but she was 6 and looked so excited so I took down the dolls to show her, and let her play with them until 17:00, when EM came to pick her up. EM went to my room to get K, and I started to clean up. EM noticed the dolls, and asked:

EM: Hey, are you selling any of those? K loooooves dolls.

Me: Oh, I’m not selling any of these ones, but I have some others in storage I could-

EM: *pointing at the one my grandmother gave me* Oh, but that one is soooooo pretty! I’m sure you could spare it for my daughter. How much would you like for it?

Me: I’m sorry, that’s from my Grandma, I can’t sell it.

EM: is she dead?

Me: *extremely confused and shocked* No?

EM: Well then how important could it possibly be? Dolls are for children anyway, don’t be so selfish! (I was still technically a child so her logic was ridiculous) Here, I’ll give you $5.

I was a little frustrated at this point, especially because she wouldn’t even give me a chance to talk.

Me: Even if $5 was anywhere near a decent price, I wouldn’t sell this for $100. Now if you’d please pay me for babysitting K, I would be happy to sell you a different doll-

EM: What is wrong with people these day!?! You are so selfish, what are you even going to do with those dolls?! Grow up and stop trying to ruin my daughter’s childhood! K Deserves that!!

Luckily, my mom’s car pulled into the driveway at that exact moment, and EM paid me for babysitting and left, but not after having a little temper tantrum.

After that experience, I stopped letting parents drop their kids off at my house for babysitting.”

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This reader said the person should push the price up. WAY UP.

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Another person said they related to this story because they get people wanting to buy their house all the time…random strangers that just knock on the door…

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This individual made a good point: the mom wants the doll so bad for their kid, but the child will likely get bored of the doll at some point anyway, so why the big fuss.

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Finally, this person made a good observation: doesn’t it always seem like people who say “don’t be selfish” are the most selfish folks out there? Think about that one…

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