We’re all kind of lazy sometimes.

And some folks are really lazy and take it to another level.

Hey, we’re not here to judge! We’re here to celebrate lazy life hacks that can save you some time!

Because we know you’re busy with all the comings and goings that life makes us deal with.

So take a look at these life hacks and see if any of them will be useful to you.

1. Now you have the perfect excuse.

The Grinch stole the rest of my lights. Nothing I could do about it…

Reddit inspired me to be lazy and not put up all my Christmas lights
byu/Cradnee infunny

2. This is how you do delivery.

Try it out next time!

Just feeling a little lazy…
byu/cn2092 infunny

3. I’m not so sure about this one.

Seems a little bit TOO lazy, don’t you think?

This shortcut symbolizes human laziness (yes, I use it)
byu/Aukrust inpics

4. Perfect! Everybody wins!

I think this is pretty impressive.

I figured out you don’t actually have to assemble these things.
byu/ImWadeYo infunny

5. Take a look at that looooooong H.

It kind of looks like a ladder…but it works.

My lazy little brother learning writing English letters
byu/Im_that_stupid infunny

6. You’ve created some beautiful art here.

You should be proud of yourself.

My coworker has a tendency to spill his cereal walking out of the kitchen in the morning and just leave it there. I made it modern art.
byu/unthused infunny

7. Have you ever Skyped with a pot of boiling water?

It might be time to change up your game.

I was too lazy to keep getting up and check my pot if it was boiling, so I just skyped it.
byu/itoa5t infunny

8. I do this with a rake.

But this is even better.

Life hack: tie a string to your garbage cans so you dont have to walk downstairs
byu/swagondemhoes inlifehacks

9. This kid is going places!

He might be the next Bill Gates…let’s hope so…

It took me a minute to comprehend that my 5yo had invented a new hands-free iPad technology…
byu/MerryAntoinette infunny

10. This is pretty genius.

Your hand will cramp up after a while. Smart move!

I hate signing yearbooks for students, so I had a rubber stamp made.
byu/Jameseatscheese infunny

11. Put the family dog to work.

This is the way to do it! Bravo!

12. Look at all the time this person saved!

This is pretty brilliant!

byu/drukqsx infunny

Do you have any good life hacks for lazy folks?

If so, share them with us in the comments!

We’d love to hear from you!