Recently, Northshore Veterinary Hospital, located in Bellingham, Washington, posted a super funny video of a (ahem) chubby Cinderblock the cat using a single paw on a treadmill as part of her weight-loss program.


Cinderblock is still chubby, but now she is a viral sensation. So the vets at the hospital keep uploading videos, including one where she is plodding on the treadmill with all four feet.

Way to go Cinderblock!


In their Instagram post, the hospital tells us,

“This fabulous feline is obese, and it is affecting her quality of life. We are helping her achieve weight loss through a prescription diet and exercise. She is not on board with the exercise ?.”


Cinderblock has so many people cheering her on.


We can empathize with not wanting to exercise or diet some days.


Her vets are working diligently with her so she can get to a healthy weight and feel better.


If you have a chubby bunny kitty of your own, follow Cinderblock on Instagram for inspiration.

We are all rooting for her! Cinderblock, we BELIEVE in you!