Dogs are already a great source of entertainment, with their funny and unexpected little quirks and behaviors. But add a little technology to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a truly hilarious situation in the making.

This Tumblr thread explains what happens when you combine a herding dog with a lawn Roomba, those self-powered robots that can mow the lawn and pick weeds for you.

Here’s how it all got started:

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It makes complete sense when you break it down:

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But wait, it gets better. No, no, the dog doesn’t think the Roomba is a predator. It thinks it’s a sheep! It just wanted to herd the tiny robot.

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The doggy Arwen is a smart cookie and quickly caught on to what was happening:

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The owner of the robot had a brilliant idea:

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What a good girl! Go Arwen!

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The ending of that story is just so, so satisfying. Further proof that dogs are, and always will be, the best creatures on the planet, period.

Without any training, this smart girl figured out exactly how to herd this weird robot sheep. And now she gets to exercise her herding instincts with it on a regular basis! Everybody wins.

What’s the most surprising thing your pet has ever done? Or is your dog just worthless and just eat and shit all day?

Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

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