The struggle is real, people.

The struggle I’m referring to is our mothers having a very difficult time with technology. It could with a phone, it might be a tablet, it could be the TV or a laptop.

Whatever the case, the moms out there need some assistance!

But before we help them, let’s have a good laugh at their expense.

1. Scan that screen.

Such a mom move…

Hope this belongs here. Mom scanned a phone for a screenshot to read the updated privacy policy
byu/sp__ace inoldpeoplefacebook

2. No way she can do it herself, right?

Passing the buck again with online ordering.

how my mom shops online
byu/mbe8819 inoldpeoplefacebook

3. Hahahaha. That’s great.

Right of the screen, huh?

My mom had this printed
byu/lskerlkse inoldpeoplefacebook

4. Try to keep up, Mother.

She didn’t get it.

Lol no mom
byu/grxce22 inoldpeoplefacebook

5. This is incredible.

I’m pretty sure my mom has done this before.

My mom replied to her own text
byu/theguymanduderman inoldpeoplefacebook

6. What’s that doing in there?

Humiliated by mom…again…

My mom accidentally included a picture of me sleeping in an ad she posted
byu/JAWS_OF_FIRE inoldpeoplefacebook

7. Whatever works, I guess.

That’s one way to do it…

My mom found a blurb in the newspaper about an app she was interested in and wanted to remember. Instead of taking a picture of it, she cut it out and taped it to the back of her phone.
byu/Feebedel324 inoldpeoplefacebook

8. This is so good.

I’d like to know the original story, as well.

My friends mom commenting on the wrong Facebook post.
byu/producerdan inoldpeoplefacebook

9. That’s not the “grey bar of death.”

You might need to give her a little tutorial.

My mom kept insisting her phone had the “grey bar of death” when in reality she set a screen shot as her background.
byu/BoaGirl inoldpeoplefacebook

10. Laughing at her own posts.

I guess you really do have to laugh at yourself, right?

My mom cracking herself up
byu/c0gnitivediss0nanc3 inoldpeoplefacebook

11. Keep all drinks away from the keyboard.

Now it’s your problem.

One of my mom’s weekly texts to her IT guy (me)
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12. She’s really lost right now.

Sometimes, you just have to grin and bear it and come to their rescue, right?

Mom couldn’t figure out how to watch tv on the Xbox
byu/I_am_not_funny_atall inoldpeoplefacebook

Oh, moms! You’ll get it together one of these days! At least we hope you will…

Does your mom do this kind of stuff? Or maybe your dad does? Or maybe YOU’RE the one who is struggling with all these gadgets.

Either way, tell us about it in the comments, please!