Yikes…this really doesn’t sound like a good idea…

Giving your mom a key to your new house even though your wife doesn’t want you to?

Good luck with that, buddy!

But is this guy an a**hole?

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AITA for letting my mother have a copy of the key to our new home despite my wife’s objection?

“I (M34) recently bought a one-story house. Note that it was purchased solely by me, my wife did not help save for it (I started saving for it before I even met here) and it’s in my name.

When my parents threw us a party for this happy occasion, mom asked for a copy of the key in case of an emergency. I let her have it which made my wife upset. She didn’t say anything at the time but she waited til we were alone and started arguing with me saying I shouldn’t have let my mother have a copy of the key. I said “why?!”

Since my mother is known to respect privacy and is a very trusted member in the family. She said that she does not feel “comfortable” with the idea of someone else, who’s not a resident to have a copy of the key. She also brought up how my mother didn’t pay a penny towards the house so this should “disqualify her” from getting the key.

I said it was not a big deal but she kept persisting saying I need to take the key back. Quite frankly, this had me fuming. I pointed out that I’m the one who bought the house and it’s my decision to decide who gets to have a copy of the key end of story. She screamed at me saying that “technically” she did contribute towards the house savings back when she used to pay for our rent and daily expenses while I saved money.

I told her that she was acting as if I put my mom’s name on the title which’s ridiculous but she said that I have no respect for her opiniins and keep undermining her input.

We’ve been going back and forth on it since then. She’s now “letting me know” that if I don’t take the key back then she’ll do it herself. I think she’s being irrational and unreasonable acting like that over a copy of the house key. This decision I made could save us in case of an emergency but she kept downplaying it.”

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