DJ and Kingston Jierre Pryor swept up our hearts and squeezed all the feels right out of them. This viral duo, dad and son, took a baby babble conversation to a whole new level.

DJ’s wife, Shanieke, videoed the father and son chatting about a television show. What you’ll witness is a full-blown conversation. Kingston’s reactions, facial expressions, and body language show just how much little Kingston is completely enamored by his dad’s company.

What I enjoy the most is the innocence between the two. A simple night on the couch, bantering about a show and bonding over it.

This is love. You can see it, feel it, and want to capture it with your own kids.

This video says something about family. That no matter what, you get to go home after a long day and enjoy time with them. Children grow up fast and these precious moments should never pass you by.

And Denny’s wouldn’t let these two pass them by. The restaurant chain wanted to capture their bond in a commercial.

After seeing Kingston and DJ, Denny’s swooped in and shot this duo just in time for father’s day. Denny’s tag line is “Denny’s brings us together. No place like here.” And they sure did bring them (and all of us) together.

In the commercial, the two are pictured in a booth having an American breakfast, while talking about life. You know, the important stuff, like Kingston’s favorite cartoon.

Grab the tissues…and cue the music because the ending was all hearts and flowers (and bacon). The commercial finishes with “Booths were made for quality time with dad.”

And, yes they are…

When Kingston hugs on his daddy and DJ effortlessly laughs and smiles, the world’s hearts may have grown ten times their size! And when DJ says, “You buttered me up. You got me…You won me over,” the world stopped turning while we all absorbed their love.

And I’ll leave you with a shout out to mom’s hashtag: #OurHouseisAlwaysFullofLaughter

We have no doubt.