Social media is great a lot of the time. You get to keep up with old friends and enjoy random, hilarious musings on Twitter from complete strangers.

One of the drawbacks of social media is that there’s so much great stuff out there, you miss some real gems along the way.

But that’s where we come in! We’re here to show you some great, hilarious tweets you might’ve missed along the way.


1. You nailed the synopsis and impressed her.

2. He’s in charge.

3. Ooohhh, that’s kind of dark.

4. Does this describe your life?

5. Seriously, can’t we just let it go?


6. Cover up your feet, grandfather clock.

7. God, we need to have a talk.

8. Great, I blew it again…

9. That’s some good life advice.

10. They have a unique relationship.

11. Pretty much sums it up.


12. Why was Mother so mean?

13. The most formidable opponent.


14. You don’t need permission to talk…yet.

15. Zing! This is pretty darn funny.

Now, aren’t you glad you got filled in on those funny tweets from years past? Of course, you are!

Do you have any favorite tweets that you think we should’ve included? Share them in the comments!