No doubt about it, this is a tough time for parents AND for kids.

Everyone is on top of each other, you’re breathing down each other’s necks, and everyone is getting on everyone else’s last nerve…

In short, it ain’t pretty, people.

I can see both sides of the story here in regard to parents and kids. Parents are exhausted by working from home and having to deal with the little ones, and kids are annoyed that they can’t see their friends, can’t do any activities, and they’re not even really leaving the house all that much.

So we’re here to give you this life lesson: if you DO NOT have kids yet but you think you want them, just peruse these tweets from parents and then ask yourself if this is really the route you want to go.

The future is now in your hands.

You may proceed…

1. Your kids learned a lot!

Are you Teacher of the Year?

2. Is this witchcraft?

Someone please explain it to me!

3. Nutrition is key.

And it sounds like you have some work to do…


4. Happens all the time.

And it is definitely a superpower.

5. It’s all forgotten.

What an adorable child.

6. Bake the soda.

Well, at least she’s trying.


And you will pay for it…

8. You don’t really like anything anymore.

And who can blame you, really?

9. Can you imagine that life, parents?

In a land far, far away…

10. Keep talking and see what happens…

Time to teach this kid a lesson.

11. Riddle me this.

This is some real talk, right here.

12. It’s all natural!

And you don’t have to spend any money!

13. I guess everyone is just shouting now.

This is not good…

Now it’s your turn!

Yeah, you!

In the comments, give us an update about how things have been going with your kids during this challenging time.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Thanks!