If you’re like most people, you’ve often wondered how science-fiction translates across languages.

Okay, maybe not like most people, but you’re thinking about it now, aren’t you? Good, I knew I’d get you thinking about it.

This hilariously funny Tumblr thread thinks through this quandary and comes up with a knee-slapping conclusion to the galaxy-wide problem of how do you translate sci-fi.

What was certainly a puzzler before… will soon be solved.

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Okay, so maybe we’re not the most creative lot in the Universe(s).

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This IS  a problem. How will we solve it?

By naming things after the things they’re in.

Of course!

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And, by the way, German words are SCARY long.

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And, just in case you’re wondering… Google Translate is not wrong here.

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But wait… what if you’re not the only idiots in the galaxy?

What if aliens are also s**t at naming things?

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Clearly, we would have to work together as a galaxy.

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I happen to like “Moon Moon.”

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We really do need to start thinking hard on the practical implications. There’s a lot of software available for translation but it’s for this planet only. How short-sighted. We need to think about how to communicate with alien worlds. Of course, we’ll be the aliens to them…

What do you think? How do we rename everything on Earth to make it easier for our galactic neighbors to get around when they visit?

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